Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another day...

A very tiring day. Did some more mud cleaning this morning for hours outside the house. Body aching now. But surprisingly my mind is still alert and fully awake. Still have some energy left for work this evening. 

I've been making so many teddy bears for the past couple of days. Initially it's for the giveaway. But I got carried away and made extra for sale. Seems like quilling is pretty much all I do these days. No mood for any other type of technique other than quilling...hehehe. It's like an obsession or some sort that cannot be shaken off. It has taken over everything. Funny but true. And I see that most people who have tried it feel the same way. They can't stop doing it. Yes...it's really addictive!

It rained very heavily this afternoon.....so much so that the drain was filled up with water and overflowed on the road. I got scared....thinking that it might flood again here. There were talks of the second wave coming here in Alor Setar.....so, I couldn't help but panicked a bit. Thank God the water slowly receded this evening.....but the water in drain is still quite full. Hopefully, it won't rain anymore tonight. I can't imagine going through another flood any time soon...huhu...especially since we've cleaned the house already.

Tomorrow is just another day......in....crazy land. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I just want to escape somewhere.......but I can't. :( My only escapism now is when I'm working.....I get lost in what I do that I forget things around me. It helps. God...I just wish I can disappear somewhere right now. Abracadabra.....say the magic words and.......POOF!!! :P

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As Ahmad said...

so true! i've been quilling for more than 6 years and still can't found any 'boring' words in it :D i've tried other paper craft technique, but it won't last long. heheh~

may you have a wonderful days ahead kak lin syg. and happy 'eidul adha! :D

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Betul tu As...nothing can beat quilling kan? kan? kan?? hehehe! It's the best!

May you have a beautiful, happy Eidul Adha tomorrow and more beautiful days in days to come dear!

Hugs and love,