Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Music and Me - Michael Jackson

 An angel's voice.......I get teary eyed every time I listen to this angel sing..... :'(

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Monday, November 29, 2010


Honestly, this is the first time I've heard of this product. Never knew it existed before. Thanks to Nuffnang advertisements, now I do. I just found out that Benefiber is giving away free samples for consumers to try their product. I've already filled up the form to get me some free samples. Just curious to know what it's like. Have anyone out there tried this product before? Is it any good? Are there any bad side effects?

What I do know about Benefiber powder is that it's said to be made of 100% natural ingredients. It can be added to your food or drink, hot or cold and it dissolves easily into your food and drink without changing it's texture or taste. With Benefiber powder, it's easy to add fiber into your daily diet. I believe it's good for people who are too busy to eat their vegetables or find it difficult to get any with their busy lifestyle. Or whatever problems that they are facing with their diet, this can be a solution for them. It's sugar free as well.

If you are as curious and as interested as I am about Benefiber, then do visit this site and get your free samples today!

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy - Michael Jackson

I can listen to this song any time of the day.......no matter how many times, over and over again..... :)


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Case of the Stolen Keys to Tron: Legacy by TGV

Synopsis of the movie:

“TRON: Legacy” is a 3D high-tech adventure set in a digital world that’s unlike anything ever captured on the big screen. Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Oscar®- and Golden Globe®-winner Jeff Bridges), a man once known as the world’s leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn’s Arcade—a signal that could only come from his father—he finds himself pulled into a digital world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), father and son embark on a life-and-death journey across a visually-stunning cyber universe—a universe created by Kevin himself that has become far more advanced with never-before-imagined vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. Presented in Disney Digital 3D™ and scored by Grammy® Award-winning electronic music duo Daft Punk, “TRON: Legacy” hits U.S. theaters on Dec. 17, 2010, in Disney Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D

WOW!!! I want to watch this movie really bad!!! It's so cool!! The minute I saw the trailer I knew I just had to watch this movie. I'm so happy to know that courtesy of TGV Cinemas and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Malaysia, 50 Glitterati Nuffnangers and their guests will be catching the Premiere Screening of Tron: Legacy 2 days before its official release date! I hope I'll be one of the lucky 50! :)

But there is a twist!! Something bad happened! Something unexpected! As you can see from the image above, the set of keys to the safe containing Tron: Legacy has been stolen from the projectionist’s room at TGV Cinema! Oh no!!! So how am I going to catch this super duper cool movie now????!!!! Looks like I will have to use my detective skills plus my high intuition to help TGV Cinemas find the keys and catch the culprit who did this awful act of crime! If I can solve this case I can stand a chance to win myself an entire screening hall of any movie + a Panasonic 50" 3DLCD + 3D Blu-ray Player and more!!! WOW!!! Those are super duper cool stuff to win!!! I wish! I wish I could win them all!!


So come on people! Let's all help out TGV Cinemas by visiting their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TGVCinemas now to find more clues to help solve this mystery. Should we succeed, prizes worth up to RM20,000 await us! 

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A box of goodies

Late this morning everyone in our neighbourhood received each a box of goodies (ie: rice, biscuits, sardines, milk, Milo, cooking oil, cereals etc etc) from the government. I didn't expect to be getting anything like this from the government since we never received anything from the last 2 floods that hit us years ago.

This is the second time we got goodies since the flood.....the first time was from the Buddist Society. We are also getting compensation from the government in the form of money for our loses. I must say this time around, we are very lucky. Very very lucky. Very thankful for all the things we are getting now. At least it helps lessen the burden we faced from the flood. Not everything inside the box is suitable for us to eat though. Some are meant for kids. So we'll be giving those away to families who have kids at home. :)

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Mini Rubik's cube

How cute is that??? A mini Rubik's cube! I got it free when I purchased Nutrigen yesterday. I wanted to get Yakult but it was so expensive at Pacific.......it's a lot cheaper though at Tesco hehehu!

I've been playing with this mini Rubik's cube today......and it's taking my crafting time hehe...can't seem to stop playing it until I solve it.....It's kinda addictive as well.

Must...........try..............to...................STOP IT!!!! And get back to work!! hahahaha! :D

Hey......go check it out ya at your nearest supermarket......and get yourself this cute little thing. Who knows, you might get addicted just like me! haha.....plus it's good to drink Nutrigen.....very good for your digestion :).

Check out this cool website about Rubik's cube!

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Can't believe it.....I actually forgot to watch "Asmara" again.....two weeks in a row! Oh nononononono!  And the funny thing is, I've only realized it today! Today is Thursday not Tuesday la Lin!!! No Asmara tonight laaaaa.......haiyaaaa......Plus, I also just found out that next week is the final episode! Oh god! I must make sure I put a reminder in my hand phone this time so that I won't forget to watch it. And I hope the ending is a good one too hehehe!   

Actually.......at first when they started showing this drama series on TV3, I didn't even bother to watch it.....told myself not to get hooked again watching Malay dramas. But after they showed a few episodes of it, one fine night I decided to watch it and I got hooked!!! The story line was quite good.....plus, Fauziah Nawi was starring in it as well......so, I knew it had to be good otherwise she won't be starring in it! Right? And sure enough I was right. It is good. Aaaannnnnnddddddd.......just like every other girl, I got hooked on Asmara too! hahaha! I mean, Shaz Jazlee hehehehe... ;) comel....kan kan kan????? :P Very very young too.....yup, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too young..... :P Ok....enough about Asmara.....hehehehe......lets talk about Lin now.....hehehu!

What a day! I struggled to make the pop up cake card last night.....I haven't made one for quite a while and I almost ruined it at the very last minute. Thank God all went well in the end and I got it posted today. I realised that my pop up cake looks better now and it pops up better now too that I have been making it a few times. I now feel that it's no longer that difficult. It's complicated but at least now I know how to make it easier. But still, it's a lot of work. And I still prefer to just do quilling instead. Quilling is so much more fun! Especially quilling teddy bears.....speaking of which, I got a few of them to make tonight....will be sleeping late again as usual @_@....

I am so relieved to finally found a place where I can buy ink for my printer. At last  today I found a stationery shop here in Alor Setar that sells it! All this time I've been searching for it here but couldn't find it......I always had to get my supplies of ink from KL. Now no more! Yay!!! What a huge relief!

There's news about predictions of  heavy rain coming to Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu.....they said that it's going to rain for at least 3 days in a row starting this coming Sunday. That's the second wave it seems. I don't know if the heavy rain is going to cause another flood over here.....I certainly hope it's not as bad as they say it would be. Praying for the safety of everyone......may we all be spared from this terrible flood.....amin.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Are Loved - Josh Groban

I must say that this guy moves me every time he sings.....moves my heart and soul. This is one of my favourite songs from Josh. This song suits how I feel right now. Don't give up Lin.....never give up.....

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Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.......the best thing to do when we are faced with adversity is to say Alhamdulillah. Pabila diri difitnah, dituduh yang bukan-bukan....dianiaya, ditipu....ingatlah sentiasa, bahawa kita sedang diuji. Tabahlah menghadapi ujian-ujian ini. Saya akui....dah berulang-ulang kali perkara sebegini terjadi tapi walau bagaimana saya cuba untuk elakkannya dari berlaku......ia tetap juga berlaku.  Hairan....sungguh hairan. Saya tak tahu apa salah saya. Apalah dosa saya sehingga diperlakukan sebegini. I don't deserve this treatment. Nobody does.

Namun saya tahu.....Allah is great. Allah sees everything that we do in our daily lives. He sees everything....He hears everything......He knows everything. Tak perlulah kita nak sembunyikan apa-apa dariNya. There is no way for us to hide. No where to run.

Saya dah letih.....sangat sangat letih. Sudah tak larat lagi nak uruskan hal-hal sebegini. Lebih baik saya serahkan saja pada Tuhan untuk uruskannya. Mungkin masa akan menentukan segalanya. The truth will prevail. Saya hanya mampu mengucapkan Alhamdulillah pada mereka yang suka menganiaya saya. Terima kasih banyak-banyak kerana sudi menganiaya saya. Kalau ada kelapangan, silalah buat lagi ye. Terima kasih. Ingat......it's not me that you have to deal with later.........it's with Allah. I leave it all to  Allah.  May He have mercy on you.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Never Say Never - Justin Bieber

I may not be Justin Bieber's biggest fan but I do, yes I do love this song a lot. It gives me that extra motivation and drive to push myself further and never give up! Never let anyone tell you what you can't do.  Never say never to yourself either. Never say never!!!! Wooohooo! :)


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A funny encounter

I never thought I would say this today.....but, I'm surprised how peaceful I feel right now. I'm finally at peace. Things are looking good. What kept bugging me the past few days doesn't bother me anymore. What a big relief. :)

Today didn't seem so eventful.....nothing great happened except for a few things regarding work that I am very happy about. :) Big smiles :). The past few days have been really hectic. A lot of work to be done. A lot, I tell ya! I'm always busy busy busy....huhuhuhu. I can't remember when was the last time I had the chance to watch anything on TV. 

Went to Pizza Hut today.....the one where Cathy Cinema used to be. First time for me to set foot in it. :P Kept wondering if the pizza there is going to be any good. I do know the one at Tesco is not up to my standards and the other one near Mergong is lousy. So, I was really hoping that this one is going to be good. Otherwise, I would have to go to Sungai Petani if I ever want to eat Pizza Hut's pizza  again :P. So! The thing is, we didn't eat there. We decided to take away instead. While waiting for our pizza to be prepared, one of the customer sitting next to us got up to get their order.......AND!!!!!! I got a shock when I saw his pants! His pants was cut open at the back! One BIG hole I tell ya! And the big cut look like as if it was intentional! But why? Why oh why???!!!! God!! Everyone there could see his bum....his hairy bum! Eeeeewwwwwww!!! If you have a bum as good looking as Daniel Craig's bum, hey....I wouldn't mind if you had a big hole in your pants......because his bum is so good looking......but when you have an ugly bum like that.....please, please hide it! OK??!! HIDE IT WELL!!! Good grief! :P Well, I guess that was the highlight of my not so eventful day hahahahaha.......I couldn't stop laughing....it was just too freaking funny and gross at the same time. Hahahaha!

The weather tonight looks like it's going to rain again.....it did rained just a little bit this afternoon.....not enough to water the plants outside...hahaha. Perhaps the rain that's coming tonight will finish the job. It would be nice though......cool weather at night......will help me sleep better tonight.  I can hear the raindrops outside the house right now.....a good sign for me to go offline early tonight. I hate to leave the PC on during heavy rain....especially if there is lightning. 

A few more rounds of surfing and checking my emails and I'm signing off. Have a good Monday evening everyone! :)

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hold My Hand - Maher Zain

Another one of my favourite from Maher Zain :)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010


The weather right now looks like it's going to rain in the evening....just like how it was yesterday.... It was pretty hot hot hot though during the day. Alhamdulillah so far.....no signs of flood happening again in this area even though it rains here almost everyday. 

I keep looking across my studio where the old cupboard stands. It holds inside my ceramic art work that I made when I was studying in ITM long time ago. I'm pretty worried. That old cupboard is probably older than I am. It belonged to my late grandmother. So far, it has withstand 2 floods already. And I'm not sure if it's going to be able to take anymore floods if there is anymore coming in future. In fact, I can't even clean the bottom of the cupboard since the flood because it's kinda fragile looking.....especially the footing. It looks like it's going to fall apart.

The thing is........where am I going to place all those ceramic?? They got no place to go.....huhuhu.....I guess I'll just leave it as it is for a while in that old cupboard. I've no time to do all these detailed cleaning. :P especially since I have to work now. No work....no money right? It's inevitable. I gotta do what I gotta do. I haven't even cleaned my bicycle.....it's still muddy and I just don't have the mood or time to do anything about it right now. Somebody here is complaining.........but you know what? I only have 2 hands. I can't do everything. :(

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Gloomy friday

It's looking pretty gloomy outside the house.......there might be rain coming soon to visit us this evening. 

I was listening to Lady Antebellum while squeezing creative juices out of my head and applying it on my cards as well as I can. Somehow the results that's coming out of it are not what I aspect it to be....it's not exactly what I had in mind so to speak. What the mind visualize and what the hands can do sometimes does not go together well especially when there are certain disturbances coming to ruin my mood every now and then.

I've got another item in my wish list this year........something I thought of during the flood. God I wish I had thought of this sooner. Perhaps there is a reason why I didn't. I don't know. All I know is I want it!! I really really wish I bought it instead of the one I have right now. But what can I do. It's already done. Just have to live with the fact and be happy with what I have. God willing if my finances gets better, perhaps one day I can own one. For now.........I can only wish for it.....

Since Prince William announced his engagement to his girlfriend Kate Middleton, people are going crazy over the engagement ring......the sapphire and diamond engagement ring that once belonged to his late mother, Lady Diana. I was so surprised to hear in the news that  there has been a lot of orders for the same design of engagement ring requested from the guys who are planning to propose. Looks like somebody out there is making a lot of money from this! Ka-ching! Funny how I myself adore this type of engagement ring as well. Really! I have even had a dream about it long time ago. I remember that a sapphire and diamond ring was given to me in the dream but I was not sure who it was from. All I remember was that there were so many people around me at the time....but I don't know who they are. I don't recognize any of them. The design of the engagement ring was kinda old fashion though......definitely not what I would have in mind for my engagement ring...hehehe.... :D. I already know how I want it to be.....the design and all hehehehe.....it's already in my head. Whether or not I'll get it is another thing hahahaha...... Whatever it is, I just  find it so funny how the sapphire and diamond ring is now a trend! Who would have thought that this was going to happen.... :P

I just feel so good today.......better than I've ever felt in a long long time. Alhamdulillah. Hoping better things will keep on coming my way in days to come.... :).

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Always Be There - Maher Zain

I've been listening a lot of Maher Zain's songs lately, that's why I've been posting his songs here quite often. I can't help it coz  I love his songs so much. 

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Salam Aidil Adha

Alhamdulillah....this morning I opted to follow my aunt and go for our Aidil Adha prayers at the surau nearby our house. It's just a few blocks away from where we live......there was no need for us to drive.....we just walked there this morning.....no stress whatsoever thinking about where to park our car, like how it is whenever we go to the mosque during the Eid. I got tired of all the stress......so, this time around, the surau seems like a pretty good idea :).
Life in crazy land is still the same though today......it's just like any other day. Not sure how long I can stand it. But at least it gives me a stronger motivation to push myself harder to get what I want. Sometimes when it's too easy.....I tend to forget what I was aiming for. Now that I am in a tight position, I am always reminded of it. So I guess there is good in the bad. Depends on how one sees it. Just focus......focus on the subject at hand and insyaallah I'll get what I aimed for. :)

I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to all my readers here. I hope all of you who are celebrating it are having a great time today with family and friends. I already had my beef rendang and with ketupat nasi and ketupat palas hehehe.....have you had yours yet? ;) Happy eating!!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another day...

A very tiring day. Did some more mud cleaning this morning for hours outside the house. Body aching now. But surprisingly my mind is still alert and fully awake. Still have some energy left for work this evening. 

I've been making so many teddy bears for the past couple of days. Initially it's for the giveaway. But I got carried away and made extra for sale. Seems like quilling is pretty much all I do these days. No mood for any other type of technique other than quilling...hehehe. It's like an obsession or some sort that cannot be shaken off. It has taken over everything. Funny but true. And I see that most people who have tried it feel the same way. They can't stop doing it. Yes...it's really addictive!

It rained very heavily this afternoon.....so much so that the drain was filled up with water and overflowed on the road. I got scared....thinking that it might flood again here. There were talks of the second wave coming here in Alor Setar.....so, I couldn't help but panicked a bit. Thank God the water slowly receded this evening.....but the water in drain is still quite full. Hopefully, it won't rain anymore tonight. I can't imagine going through another flood any time soon...huhu...especially since we've cleaned the house already.

Tomorrow is just another day......in....crazy land. Honestly, sometimes I feel like I just want to escape somewhere.......but I can't. :( My only escapism now is when I'm working.....I get lost in what I do that I forget things around me. It helps. God...I just wish I can disappear somewhere right now. Abracadabra.....say the magic words and.......POOF!!! :P

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Monday, November 15, 2010

A choice

Got a shock today to find out from the maid agency that Rose is sick. She got chicken pox! Poor girl... :( . Poor me too cause now I have to finish cleaning the mud at our house all by myself. I thought I was getting help today with the cleaning.....but I guess not. :( So you see....you can always plan ahead for something....but you'll never know what God has planned for you. Gotta always be prepared for the worst.

My Mom is still sad about what happened to her garden. A lot of her trees and small plants died due to the flood. Yup...she's pretty sad about it..... especially since her kaffir lime tree (pokok limau purut) that she just planted and was growing nicely in the garden before the flood,  is now officially dead. :( Be strong Mom.....there will always be another chance for you to plant another kaffir lime tree in your garden. It's not the end of the world.....

For a few days now I see a few people riding on their bikes going from one house to another in search of rubbish that they can sell. Usually when there is a flood at the area, there are bound to be a lot of damages in the house, especially to the furniture, electric appliances and etc etc. So, these things pretty valuable to those who knows what to do with it. They collect all the things we dump outside the house. Some collect plastic wares, some collect metal parts from furniture and other stuff that they can recycle. One man's waste is another man's treasure. :)

I'm a little upset about something......but as usual, things like this happens to me a lot. And I can't control it from not happening to me. It just happens. Out of the blue. I can however control my feelings these days..... a lot better than before. I guess it comes with the age. The older I get, the more calmer I become when facing with situations like this. I try not to think about it too much......and just focus on my duties.....my responsibilities. Or better yet, I deal with it by cleaning the house hehehehe. Anything that can get my mind off of the things that upsets me. Nothing is more important than peace of the mind and heart. If I can't make myself happy......nobody can. It's a choice. And I choose to be happy today, no matter what.... :).

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tree house

Doesn't this tree house looks so awesome???? I love it!! I wish I can afford something like this someday. I bet it must cost a bomb to make a tree house like this.

Will keep on dreaming about it huhuhuhuhu......looking at the tree house reminds me of my childhood days......I've always wanted one similar to this. One with big windows that I can see through forest during the day. Watch the birds and animals around it. Just enjoying nature... :)

You can view more tree house at the link HERE. So many cool photos of the various designs of tree house....they also show the interior....which is super cool! Aaaaahhhhhhhh......I wish it's mineeeeeeee!!!!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feverish feeling

Feeling a little feverish right now......thinking to myself why I feel this way. Then I remembered.....I did too much of laundry this afternoon.....A LOT I tell ya!! Yup....been keeping the dirty laundry since the flood hit us. :P Tsk...tsk...tsk.....Luckily we have a washing machine at home and it's still working even though it was soaked in the flood for a few days......coz I can't imagine doing the laundry all by hand.

I try not to waste the laundry water.....so I used it to wash the mud on the floor outside the house. I shouldn't have done it. I should have realized that it was hot at the time outside and there I was cleaning the floor under the hot sun at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Stupid isn't it? But I didn't feel it was so bad at the time.....didn't think I was going to feel this sick now because of it. Well.....lesson learned.

Oh! I almost forgot! I saw another biawak this morning in front of the gate at our house!  I just came back from the post office and wanted to get in the house when I saw the little creature . It was just standing there in the middle of the gate, staring at me as I walked towards it. I kept wondering.....is his eyesight not working well? Can't the little bugger see me?? It seems motionless.....like it couldn't care less that I was approaching it. I tried to scare him away......but he only panicked as I was getting near him. Maybe he is longsighted??? hahaha....I donno. All I know is, when I was just 2 feet away from him, he started to panic and jumped straight into the big drain! Phew! :P Bye bye biawak!

Blogging right now while listening to Julio and Sting singing.....aaahhhh.....what better way to spend the night than listening to these two magic voices. :) Bliss!!
I can't help but think about what happened the other day.........volunteers from The Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia came to visit us at our home. They went from house to house to give out donations in forms of food and daily supplies plus money for the flood victims at our area. I was really surprised by their visit. I felt so grateful....so honoured....so touched by their help. They helped everyone regardless of religion or race. That's the spirit! That's what we need here in our country. :) Hoyeaaahhhhhh!!!!

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Barak Allah Lakuma - Maher Zain

I'm currently loving this song :). It has an Arabic feel to it.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Head is spinning

A very productive day indeed! Managed to get done the last order for the week! Yay! I did it! I finally did it! Woohoo! So happy about it. I was like forcing myself to finish it.....at the same time I have to make sure it looks good. It was a good challenge though hehehe! 

The weather is pretty gloomy today......it rained....but has stopped. Sitting at my desk looking through my list of card orders and  I realised I owe someone some owl cards. My goodness....I've been postponing making them for so long. I gotta get them done soon or else.... If I wanna take a break end of this month, I gotta make sure all those pending orders are done. Otherwise, gotta say bye bye to that short break. I'm pretty broke  now too.....huhuhu....how ah?? My head is spinning just thinking about it. I need a new strategy....huhuhu

Am just too tired to clean the mud in house today. But will try to clean it tomorrow now that I've finished the most important order. Now...no more excuses....huhuhu....bosannyaaaaa....haiyaaa....what to do. :(

I know I can't always get what I want in life.....but I can sure wish it right? I'm wishing really hard for it.....hope it will come true....  :S

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alhamdulillah - Maher Zain

I love all Maher Zain's songs and this particular one is so suitable for what I've been through lately. Have a listen :).

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Mud Festival!

Alhamdulillah...praise to Allah....I am now back at home, safe and sound :). The flood that hit my hometown last week is now over at my neighbourhood and all of us here are now busy cleaning our mud and rubbish filled houses. :P It's like a mud festival I tell ya!! hahaha!

I personally was not worried about anything else other than my studio. I didn't care about the rest of furniture in the house. My major concern was my studio....my little studio. That's my future. Without it....I feel lost. Thank God my PC was not harmed and most of my craft materials are safe too. I do have some of my cards and paper that were damaged by the flood but I thank God that they were mostly old cards that I made long time ago.

I remember when my family and I were staying at Sungai Petani......I kept thinking of what I was going to do if the water level was high at my neighbourhood. What if my PC....my craft paper....my craft tools were submerged in water. What am I going to do. If I am rich......it won't be a problem. I can just buy a  new PC....or perhaps a new laptop.....buy everything back. But I know that's not possible. I can't afford it right now. I was even thinking of recycling the paper and perhaps make a new product from paper ruined by the flood hahahaha......papier mache' products perhaps or handmade paper hahaha.......but luckily I don't have to think about that now since 90% of my studio was not harmed. Thank God for that. I feel so blessed and grateful. I know a lot of people are not as fortunate as I am right now as some faced an even major damage in their houses compared to us.

All the time we were in Sungai Petani, we spent a lot of time watching the news for  the latest updates of the flood in Alor Setar and other areas in Kedah. Since we were there most of the time, therefore I was not able to take photos of the flood during those 3 days I was in Sungai Petani. I was only able to take photos on the day we evacuated and on the day we came back to our house after our stay there. You can view the photos from the slide show I posted here.

I remember not feeling well during my stay in Sungai Petani. That is because I was on a new treatment for my thyroid. But it was actually an overall treatment to help with the other health problems I was facing. Thank God after going through the rough times due to the side effects from the medication, I felt much better and was feeling healthy enough to go back to Alor Setar and deal with the flood.

My Mom's car was safe....because she left it at the mosque that evening before the water level went really high. A lot of people left their car there too. That area is safe coz it's quite high up....the flood water didn't even reach the mosque. Thank God. Those who didn't move their cars away from their houses had to tow their cars out. The tow truck company made a lot of money from the flood victims! One car costs them RM150 to get it towed out to the main road. Luckily my Mom moved her car out earlier, other wise she would have had to face the same fate as the other flood victims. 

I do see a lot of goodness in all this.......one thing for sure, in times of trouble, our relations with our neighbours are now much much closer.....we have all come together to help each other out. Some of our neighbours were staying at the same hotel we were in. So it was nice to have each other around and share our experiences. I've always wanted to rearrange my studio.....but I never did. Now I can! Well.....more like forced to! haha! When I wanted to clean the mud on the floor, I had to take most of the stuff out of the room so that it's easier to clean.....and this was the perfect chance to see the room in a new light. A new layout! And I'm loving it! It's more like cleansing you know......we throw away or giveaway the things we don't really need anymore and keep what's really necessary for us to move on.

No complains.....I'm pretty much happy after the flood. Lots of work to do.....pending orders to get done....giveaways to post and prepare as well. Busy busy busy again! :) 

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I Can't Fight This Feeling - Reo Speedwagon

Got this song in my head early this morning....don't know why this song in particular....weird......but I do like this song a lot. I haven't heard it for so long. I don't even know the band!!! haha! I just know and remember this song from way back when....like a blast from the past :D. Luckily for the internet, it's so easy to find out more about the song, lyrics and singer. I'm dedicating this song to all who loves songs from the 80s! Enjoy! :)

I Can't Fight This Feeling - Reo SpeedwagonSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Life goes on....

I can't believe that I am now blogging from an internet cafe in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Hmmm.....Sungai Petani is quite an interesting place to be in. Perhaps one day I might move here....haha. :D A lot of you out there might be wondering why I'm here. No, I'm not on vacation. My family and I had to come here due to the flood that had hit my hometown, Alor Setar, Kedah last Wednesday, 3rd of November.

We had to make the decision to leave our house at night last Wednesday because the flood water was just a few feet away from entering our house. They had cut the water supply to the whole neighbourhood that day and was about to cut the electric supply too that night. So we knew we had to get out as fast as possible. Me, my Mom and my Aunt quickly packed our bags and did what we can to save our belongings and place them at a higher place in the house. I couldn't save everything. I just did what I could and leave the rest to God. So much to do, so little time as the flood water came in so fast. A lot of people didn't expect it to be as bad as it did. But it did.

That night when we left, we went to stay at a friend's house in Alor Setar. Luckily we could spend the night there. There wasn't any water supply there too. People kept buying mineral water from the supermarket so that they could use it for bathing, drinking and for cooking and etc. After spending one night at my friend's house, we headed to Sungai Petani the next morning. Stayed at a hotel there since last Thursday. We met with our neighbours at the hotel. A lot of people from Alor Setar came to stay at the hotel too since it's not that safe to stay in Alor Setar anymore. Plus since there is no water and no electricity.....so, better for us to be in a place where we can get the facilities.

Miss my home so much right now. Miss everything there actually. I have no idea how badly the house is affected by the flood. I heard in the news that the area where I live in, the flood water has gotten as high as 1 meter. At other places in Kedah, it's even worse...up to the neck!! It is said that the flood in Kedah this time around is the worst that has hit Kedah in so many years. The last one that hit Alor Setar in 2005 was not as bad. But still, a lot was ruined due to it.

I don't really know how I feel right now. Feeling numb. I don't feel like crying or feel sad about what happened. I just carry on with life. I will face whatever comes my way. Just deal with it. Nothing much that can be done to stop the flood from getting worse anyways.

All I hope now is that I will have the energy when the time comes to clean up the house that will be full of dirt and mud from the flood. I don't know how my Mom and I am going to do it this time......but we will do it the best we can. Slowly but surely......it will all be ok.

I won't be able to work as well.....perhaps for a month or two till everything is settled. I don't know......it's uncertain. I just leave it to God right now. Pray for my health ya!!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's pretty hot and sunny outside right now. What a difference from yesterday's weather. It did rained though quite a bit in the morning....but now it's hot! Which is a good sign :). Everybody here in Alor Setar is pretty worried about the flood that has already hit a few places in Kedah. We are taking the necessary actions in case we have to move to a higher ground. I've been through this experience before and yes......it sucks. Especially if the flood water gets in the house and affects all that's in it with all the dirt and disgusting things that comes with it.

I don't really feel too good today. Feel like I'm coming down with fever. My head feels so heavy and my body is feeling so weak. I think I should just stop working for a while and take a nap. I was excited about doing the design for November's giveaway today and I've already got an idea of how to do the layout. But I don't think I can finish it this afternoon.......perhaps I'll continue after I get some sleep. Tired I am.......rest, I must. :I

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Lemon flowers

Lemon flowers.....aren't they pretty? It's the first time for me to see lemon flowers blossom....and looking at them blossom in our own garden is fantastic. I can't wait to see them turn into lemons....lots and lots of lemons! hehee! When my Mom bought it, it already has one lemon on it.....but is still green in colour.....it hasn't turn yellow yet. It sure does take a while to change it's colour. I'm so impatient.....just can't wait to see the changes hehehe.... :D

I took the photos a few days ago.....when the weather was hot and sunny outside. Right now, it's raining non stop over here. It's worrying me coz I don't want to face another flood here in Alor Setar.

We've already replanted the lemon tree in a bigger pot. Hopefully it will grow nicely. :)
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Rainy days....

It's been 3 days! Yup! 3 days now that I can't go out and brisk walk and cycle. The whole day of yesterday, it rained and rained and rained.......and it is raining still, non stop till now. The weather right now is so COLD!!!! I'm freezing. Wish there was some hot chocolate in the house. Would love to have some right now huhuhuhuhu.....we don't have any chocolate in stock since I have stopped taking it for quite some time now. Really craving for some now....huhuhuhu....

Busy working right now.....cleaned the studio earlier, it was getting a little dusty. Shredded some papers for quilling and soon I'll be checking out the blog giveaway entries. A lot of people joined! I think more than a 100 people joined! Wow!!! I've never gotten so many entries like that before. Probably because of the new rules I made. It was easier for people to participate. Oh well.... the more the merrier! hehehe!

Ok.....I'm off to get some work done. I have to figure out as well, what I'm gonna do for my November giveaway......ooooooohhhhhhh so scared.......oh God, please send me some ideas quick!!! haha!!

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