Thursday, August 12, 2010

2nd day of fasting

Today was fun! I had the chance to drive around a lot to a few places to get some errands done. But the heat really got to me at some point. Especially in the afternoon. It was really really hot! Anyhow, it doesn't matter as I managed to get a lot of work done :).  Thank God, the minute I arrived home, it started to rain......quite heavy too......what a relieve......from the hot sunny day. 

I had a funny experience at the petrol station too! Can't mention about it here coz it's too embarrassing hahahahhaa......but it's something I'll remember for a long long time! :D

Oh yeah....I took my Mom to the clinic again this morning for another check happy when the doctor said that she's getting better. The both of us went through hell for the past two weeks and getting this news really cheers us up. However, we still have a long way to go as it takes quite sometime to heal completely. Just gotta be patient and follow the rules given by the doctor. Plus, must eat well and avoid all the unnecessary stress. :)

I'm really hoping that I can lose some more weight this fasting month. With my Mom's new diet because of the health issue, I too had to follow whatever she eats. Which is good because we don't eat a lot of food with oil anymore ever since she got sick. I too have stopped taking any chocolate drinks. I can see some difference with the changes I've made so far. Hopefully I get to continue with this new eating habit even after the fasting month.

Busy making Eid cards lately......till late at night. I also continued making cards after "sahur". It's cool and peaceful at that time in the morning. Pretty good time for creating :).
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

Yes, the shingles are difficult but if never happened, you and your Mom would not have changed your diet. Perhpas this was meant to be and the only way the two of you were able to get on the road to health.

Everything happens for a reason.

Yes, stress aggravates shingles very much as it does other illnesses. Stress in fact, brings on many illnesses. One must guard against this stress at all costs.

But do not worry about anything. All will be well soon.

I love writing my journal very early in the morning or doing my yoga. It is so quiet and peaceful. I do not wake up this early very often as I tend to stay up quite late which is not good for the liver.

One must be in bed by 11pm as the liver starts its rejuvenation then.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Please do not remove all oils from your diet. You need good oils such as olive, butter (made from hormone free milk and anti biotic free) and coocunut oils. These are necessary for hormone health. As are vegetables. Do not eat processed carbohydrates as these are awful for the hormones.

Here is a good link for restoring balace to hormones. Balanced hormones are very important to the body.