Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tornado Lin

What a day! I was out of the house around lunch time to attend a wedding reception. My Mom got an invitation to attend it, so I accompanied her there. It was quite a grand wedding reception and I must say that food was really fantastic! I wish I could have eaten more.....but unfortunately my dress was a little too tight at the waist and it was already screaming for help, "mayday! mayday!".....the zip would have popped if I  had eaten any more rice. LOL!

I've just finished doing laundry and am so tired now. I think anyone would be feeling tired if they had to wash about 3 loads of them! LOL! Luckily today the sun is not hiding behind the my clothes can dry up pretty fast. I'm imagining the loads of dry clothes that I need to fold later on in the evening. Well, at least I know today my hands and arms are getting a great workout! :D Good for them!

And right now, I'm in my studio......relaxing my tired arms.....and glancing at my working table and the rest of the area. Honestly, I'm not surprised by how it looks.  The whole place looks as if it was hit by a tornado. I call it "Tornado Lin"...ahahahahha! Every once in a while, the place gets hit by Tornado Lin......whenever she's on a roll. It's normal. No biggie. I know I need to get the place cleaned up and organized again. Sometimes I like the mess......and I know where everything is no matter how messy it is. But there are times when I get so sick of the mess.....and immediately I start cleaning up and even rearranging the things inside the studio. Eventually no matter how I get it organized, it will always get messed up again and again. People say that it reflects on how messed up my brain is.......perhaps they are right.....but then again.....they might be wrong too hehehehe. I for one, don't really care what people think of it. Coz I'm so happy whenever I'm in it. No matter how messed up the place is. It's my territory....and I have total freedom to do whatever I want in it. :)

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mytrajet74 said...

you are what you are sis...