Sunday, July 25, 2010

Olive oil as a moisturizer

Believe it or not......for the past few days now I've been religiously applying olive oil on my face before I go to sleep at night as part of my beauty regime. LOL! :D Why? Well......I saw on TV a while back, a Malaysian celebrity who confessed that applying olive oil on his face everyday for many years has helped maintain his youthful look and wrinkle free skin. He doesn't look his age at all. He looks so much younger.......and I can barely see any wrinkles on his face. Although he admits that applying olive oil alone is not enough to maintain his good looks, as there are other aspects in his life that he took good care of for his overall wellness.

I knew that.....I knew that I needed to do more than just apply olive oil on my face to look good. I need to exercise, eat well, get enough sleep and etc etc. But even so, we must not forget that olive oil's benefit for the skin is not something new. It's an ancient beauty secret that dates back 5000 years ago. Olive oil  is very high in antioxidants and Vitamin E. It will help guard and heal our skin. Olive oil is not just something that we use for cooking you know. It's also very beneficial for the skin, as well as for hair. Not only will it keep our skin hydrated, it will also aid in getting rid of skin problems such as acne, dry skin and sunburns.

What I love about the oil is that the it is easily absorbed when applied on the skin. It's so soft and smooth.  So soothing for the skin. I love it. God knows if my skin will show any kind of difference over the next few months or years even if I continue to do this regime religiously......but I sure would give it a shot! After's natural, it will not have any bad side affects if used for long period of time as it does not contain any chemical that might harm us........and it's so cheap to buy. Why not ya? Just give it a go! I got nothing to lose and neither do you.  :)  

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Anonymous said...

I have been using olive oil for years. I use it on my hands and all over the body. I would never use any store bought moisturizer - too many chemicals.

Same for shampoo - causing thinning of the hair. I use my own soap that I make. Or I use homemade shampoo out of egg yolk and rum. I mix together until smooth, put on wet hair, work it in and rinse with COOL water. If you use warm or hot you will have scrambled egg in your hair.


Anonymous said...

gojes la layout :)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Barb....I'm loving the olive oil too! I'm trying to go natural as well....slowly but surely....and olive oil is one of the first step towards it. :)

Sue-sama....thanks dear!