Friday, July 2, 2010

Nescafe' Tarik

Recently my Mom bought this new Nescafe' Tarik 3 in 1 powdered coffee for us to try out. She was so curious to find out what's so special about this latest invention from Nestle'...... hahahaha. So we gave it a try. BUT! That's not the only reason why she bought it......she bought it because she also wanted the free gifts hahahaha.....can you guess what it is???? Yes! It's that kopitiam cup and saucer you see above. LOL! I have no idea why she must have those cups and if we don't have enough cups and saucers at home already. I think Nestle's marketing team is so clever.....they came up with this promotion so that they can sell off their products more hahaha.....and people like my Mom who loves to collect free stuff, would fall for this promotions every time! LOL! Noticed how sometimes, we are not even interested in buying the product, but because there is "FREE GIFTS", we buy it anyways?! Sigh!

So! I tried to make myself a cup of Nescafe' Tarik today.....and was really surprised to see so much of bubbles the minute I poured the hot water into the coffee mix. Seriously, I didn't even have to do anything much to the coffee mix.....the bubbles just came up instantly once the hot water hits it. :O I kinda wondered at that moment, what on earth is in the ingredient that makes all those bubbles. Usually, we would have to "tarik" the coffee a few times in order to get those bubbles. Immediately I thought to myself.....hmmmmmm.....I'm drinking chemicals again.....and god knows what it is......therefore, I won't be drinking this again....too afraid actually of the long term effect it might give me.

Honestly, I've always preferred the non instant coffee.......and I also preferred it without any creamer. Just plain black coffee with some brown sugar would be lovely! :) The creamer does makes the coffee tastes extra yummy but it also makes me gain the extra pounds hahahaha. So I try not to take coffee with creamer or condensed milk......I don't mind the fresh milk though. :)

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