Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Itch relief

I'm so relieved that I am no longer scratching my self silly today.....all thanks to olive oil. Yesterday was a nightmare......but I am grateful that God gave me the idea to try out olive oil on my allergies last night before going to bed. I applied it on all the affected areas and also on my face.....and seconds later, the itching stopped! It's a miracle! Believe me.....I couldn't have felt better. I had a really good night sleep....no disturbances at all.

I also got some great tips from my good friend Barbara about how to relief the itch and allergies I'm having. It seems that all these allergies I'm having are connected to my liver problem. I do have that problem and no wonder the allergies keep coming back. So I need to treat that problem first. Her natural remedy for it would be to drink 1/2 lemon juice mixed with hot water. Drink it when it's still hot.....and make sure it's taken early in the morning before you take any breakfast. I've heard of this remedy before but I thought all this time it's only good for getting rid of oil in the body after eating oily food. I usually like to take hot lime juice after taking oily food. It clears the throat and comforts the stomach as well. I definitely feel a lot better drinking it after a heavy meal that consists oily food. 

Another remedy would be to take hot dandelion, wormwood or milk thistle tea. Hmmmm.....I've never seen those types of tea here....but I've seen dandelion and milk thistle supplements before. heheheh. These type of tea are quite bitter it seems.....gosh, I'm not sure I can swallow anything bitter right now or ever. hhuhuhu.....Oh yes! She also mentions that the best remedy for itching is Vinegar! Never knew that either.....but I wonder what type would be suitable. Will try to find out more about it and post it here. 

Whatever it is.....the olive oil sure has helped a lot. I will keep on religiously applying it on my skin everyday because I know it's a huge relief for my itching problem.....not to mention that it also will help my skin age gracefully hehehehe. :)

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Yan said...

wah..bagus info ni..nak try kat anak lak..

BTW lin, my blog corrupt again.dunno why.so tgk sini ye..kalau sudi...

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Good K.Yan...do give it a try ya!

Sorry to hear about your blog huhuhuhuhu..... kesian kat akak... :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

Here is some good info on liver detox. I have not tried the lemon, olive oil and epsom salts. I just drink the bitters teas and the lemon to strengthen my liver. I do not have any problems so maybe it is working?

Just use white vinegar straight for the itching. Also, white vinegar is VERY good at softening the hands. It really works. Just rub straight vinegar into your hands. Also, great as a hair rinse. It makes the hair shiny and it takes off any old shampoo that builds up in the hair. I put in about 1/4 cup vinegar into a glass of water and pour over my hair.

Mayonnaise is a wonderful conditioner for hair. Wet hair and apply enough mayonnaise to coat hair well. Put on plastic bag on hair and old towel and go to sleep with it. Or during the day leave it on for about 6 hours or so. Wash well to get all the mayo out. Great stuff!!!


Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to include the link for the liver detox.