Saturday, July 3, 2010

I won an ebook!!!

I won! I won! hehehehe!!!! I'm so happy! I won an e-book on how to make handmade chocolates from this wonderful blogger named can visit his blog HERE. I joined this campaign that Khai held at his blog last May. He made this campaign to help people learn how to make handmade chocolates without having to attend those expensive courses and to help people make money selling their own handmade chocolates. Only 10 bloggers were chosen to win this ebook and I'm the lucky number 6! hehehe!!! I've never won anything online before.....this is my first time! Woooohooooooo!

It's really funny how it all started. It was all because of my bucket list! Yup! You see, in my bucket list, I wrote that I wanted to learn how to make handmade chocolates. I've always wanted to learn how to do it since I LOVE TO EAT CHOCOLATES!!!!! hehehehe! But I never really tried to learn it from a master or from anyone for that matter. In my mind, I knew that I would probably have to take a course on it. But the courses are usually very expensive. So when I found out about Khai's campaign on learning how to make the handmade chocolates ourselves, I quickly signed up to join it.....hoping that I would win the ebook. 

I've forgotten all about the campaign until today when I saw one of my readers wrote a message to me at my card blog, congratulating me for winning the ebook! I was shocked!!!! I never expected that I could win it!! I feel so blessed indeed! It's so exciting! The ebook itself is a very interesting read. Khai did a good job in compiling the details from A to Z about the different types of handmade chocolates and how to make them step by step. I've just received the ebook itself today so, I'm still in the process of reading it. Not sure yet when I can start making the handmade chocolates.....but I really hope to do it soon!! Wish me luck!!!

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Asma' Ahmad said...

cant wait to see coklat buatan kak lin pulak.. hikhik :P