Monday, June 7, 2010

Out of control....


I felt like crying when I weighed myself this morning. My eyes almost popped out! My's no longer a laughing matter.....I need to get down to business. I do not want to be in that situation again where I can't fit into my favourite jeans or blouse. CONTROL YOURSELF LIN!!!! Get a grip!!! 

Huhuhhuhuhuhuhuhu......I didn't realise it was going to get this far....I really thought that I was in control of my own diet and was able to maintain it....but alas....I failed my own program :(. So starting tomorrow I'm going to get back on track with my workouts and be in the weight I was before I gained those extra pounds!

Thinking back on my eating habits for the past month I realised how this could have happened. It's probably because of the mangkuk tingkat food I've been taking. It's fattening! LOL! Yummy and fattening! Before taking the mangkuk tingkat food, my Mom and I were doing so well with our diet.......and then it all came crashing down with all those yummy food we've been stuffing ourselves with. I'm really worried about this since we are still taking that service. :(

I guess what I need to do now is......take more fiber in my diet......drink more water.....and workout even more than I did before......take out all those sugary products from my eating sounds so simple when writing it down.....but when it comes to actually doing it...sob sob sob.....WHY IS IT SO HARD TO DO?????!!!!!! I'm so upset with myself actually for letting it get this far. :(

I'm supposed to be working out with my Aunt now that she's living here.......but since she is so busy with her house renovation, she refuse to accompany me in my daily workouts. So I'm still without a workout partner for the time being. I guess, I'm on my own as usual.........gotta focus on the target.....and make it happen!!! Chaiyo! Chaiyo!!!
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mangosteenskin said...

70 lin? If thats ur weight, I'm obviously heavier than u!

I also fail my own program, i can't resist taking dinner, specifically, rice! Not after I've been so penat2 cooking in the kitchen! Takkan nak tgk je my hubby makan kan? hehehehe.

Grace to You said...

I feel for you! I've never had to try to lose weight before, until after Jed was born...been trying to do it for four years now and I HATE IT!!! I never knew it was so hard. I make all these big plans in my head at night after I go to bed, how I'm going to do better the next day...and then the next day is just like the one before. argh!

Did I mention how much I hate it? :)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Lin. I have a dog and I walk 2 hours with him in the morning every morning. Then I walk again in the evening with my husband and the dog. I know you don't have that much time but find as much as you can daily - make it a priority.

I have started a vegetarian diet. It is the only diet that does not give me cravings. I eat raw veggies, grilled veggies and/or lightly sauteed veggies. And some fruit for dessert. I feel full and very light and the weight comes off fast. I have tried every diet out there and this is the one that makes the most sense to me. Hope you lose all the weight you want.


Azlina Abdul said...

Mango...yeah that's right...I'm really fatso now hahahahhaa....You are heavier than me??? Looks like we both need help! hahahaha! I still take my dinner but I take it early, before 8pm.. :)

Sandi...yes I hate it too...I get demotivated so easily!! I hate it when that happens. I get excited in the beginning...and then it dies down after a few weeks. I really need to get myself into some kind of program where I am forced to exercise no matter what. Perhaps join the aerobics or dance club.

Barb...I use to be on a vegetarian diet too...and I felt the same way you do now when I was following that diet....but in the end I failed to maintain it and got back to eating meat again. That's when the problems started again. I am not sure if I can start a vegetarian diet again now, but I sure will be eating a lot more of vegetables and fruits from now onwards. More than the meat and carbs definitely!

Thank you so much for your comments...I do feel motivated again to start on a healthier eating habit from now onwards. And exercise more too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin. You say you get demotivated after a few weeks. I feel that way too but you know what? I tell myself it is ok to feel this way and then I tell myself to get my butt up and start walking my 4 miles. My dog is depending on me.

In order for something to become a habit, you have to do it for 100 straight days. If you stop for even 1 day, no matter where you are, you need to start again. It must be done for 100 days and then it becomes a habit.

I walk at 6am in the morning. It is hard to move sometimes but I just tell myself to put one foot in front of the other and get going. I have 2 choices - I either walk now while I can or later in life sit in a wheel chair and wish I had walked when I had the chance. So, I walk now because the wheel chair scares the hell out of me!!!

Thinking about the wheel chair is a great motivator for me to move my body. I forgot to tell you that I also dance. I put on some fast music and dance the hustle, cha-cha in my basement for a full hour non stop. What a wonderful workout and such a huge stress reliever. I love music and dancing and I feel so good afterwards!!!

Hope this helps.

Take care,

P.S. I have been following your blog Pieces of Lin and your handmade card blog for 2 years now. I love your card work. You are so talented!!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Hello Barb!
Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for your comment! You are so right about the wheel chair thingy! Thinking about it does help! I have my Mom as an example...she's not in a wheel chair though...but she does have difficulty moving her body. And I don't want to end up like her one day. That was what helped me motivated in the beginning. But after a few weeks the motivation dies down. I seriously need to plan out how I want to do this and make it happen.

Thank you for telling me about the 100 days!! I never knew that! I think I should start a journal or mark my calendar everyday I do the workouts so that I know how many days I've done it. Before this, I've never jot them down. But I'm sure I've never done it for 100 days straight! So no wonder I couldn't get into the habit!!

I love to dance too! I do it in my studio where I work. Or in the living room when no one is around hehehe! I usually dance to pop music! At the moment, the only workout I love doing is dancing, cycling and walking. Oh! I also use the ab shaper for my tummy hehehe.

THANK YOU SO MUCH BARB!!! Your words really does help motivate me a lot!!! I really appreciate this!! And thank you also for being a loyal reader for the past 2 years at this blog and my card blog! WOW!!

By the way ....are you a designer as well? or do you love making crafts like I do? Do you have a blog too? I would love to know!

You take care too!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin. No, I do not have a blog. I honestly do not have the time. I work full time for a major IT company and then care for my family - you know the usual cleaning, cooking, baking, etc. I have a husband and 2 children. They are grown - one is in college the other out of college but still living with us. He is buying his own home very soon and will be moving out.

Yes, I love making cards. I make cards but not like yours although once in a while I work with paper. Basically I make cards with dried flowers that I dry myself and I also take fresh flowers and pound them with a hammer unto watercolor paper. The image that comes out is wonderful. Some flowers image better than others so I experiement a lot!

I do not sell these cards - I just make them for family and friends. Everyone tells me I should sell them but again I just don't have the time for that. If I quit my regular job then maybe I will go into the flower pounding card business.

I also keep busy by doing a lot of things myself. I cook everyday and never go to restaurants. I bake a loaf of bread everyday because I do not like the bread from the bakery. I make my own butter, yogurt, cottage cheese and grow and dry my own herbs for tea.

I also make my own soap and have for years. I don't like the chemicals in regular soap. I wash my hair with the soap and have noticed that my hair is so much thicker now than it was back in 1998 when I was using a commercial shampoo. That was the last time I used shampoo. I see so many women with thinning hair. It is the shampoo for sure.

And I do a LOT of gardening in the spring, summer and fall. I grown lots of flowers but more vegetables next to the shrubs and flowers. An edible landscape as they call it. I grow peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, parsley, chives, dill, basil, sage, onions, thyme, beets, carrots, lettuce(3 varieties)spinach and even strawberries. During the sumemr and fall I live off of these foods. It is so nice to go out into the garden and pick something for lunch or dinner. It's wonderful.

It's a lot of work though with all the planting, transplanting, weeding, watering, trimming....YIKES!!! But that makes me move so that is good. I will keep gardening until my last breath.

All summer I also pick wild fruits growing nearby such as mullberries, wild strawberries, black raspberries, red raspberries, blackberries, grapes wild and regular. I also pick mushrooms in the spring and fall.

Ok - enough. This post is rather long. Sorry about my rambling. We need to chat through e-mail :.

speaking of exercise here is a quick one and a good one. Take a jump rope and jump for 100 steps or 200 or whatever you can do without stopping. Then the next day increase is by 50 steps or 30 or whatever until you can jump for 15 minutes straight. Wonderful workout and it will keep you awake and alert and it can be done anywhere anytime.

Take care,

Azlina Abdul said...

Hello again Barb!

How lovely! You make cards too! We have something in common hehehehe...I've heard of that technique you mentioned, where you pound the fresh flowers onto watercolor paper. But I've never tried that before. I've tried drying our local flowers, especially the ones from our own garden but the colors never seem stay. It always turn out brown in color. Perhaps it has something to do with the hot weather here? I donno. :)I wish I could view some of your flower pounding cards someday. If you don't mind,can you email me the photos perhaps? I would love to see what they look like :). My email address is

Oh my goodness!! How lovely it is that you make all of the food yourself!!! I'm sure it tastes a whole lot better than the ones from the store! Home made is always the best! You are so talented!

It's so wonderful to hear about the soap that you make yourself as well. Gosh...can you share about that with me? Coz I do have problems with my's very sensitive to the commercial soap. But to buy soaps that are natural in the market is very expensive. So if there is a way that works for you, I would love to know how you do it. If I can find the materials here, perhaps I can make my own soap too! Yay!!

YES!! I have thought about that too...edible garden I mean. In fact, my Aunt and I plan on doing that at her new home. We have even prepared a place where we can plant vegetables that we want to consume daily. I will blog about it once we have something to show.
Yes indeed, gardening and having our own edible garden is very time consuming...I know this as we have a big garden to maintain here at our home too. It's a lot of work indeed! Watering the plants alone takes more than an hour to finish!That doesn't include weeding and the other related matters! Yikes!

Wow! Just reading about the wild fruits at your place excites me! How great it is to have the chance to pick those fruits and eat them fresh from the tree!!! Gosh how I envy you now!!! LOL!

Yes! I would love to correspond with you through email. That would be lovely! Do write at the email address I wrote you earlier. Would love to hear from you!

Thank you for the exercise tip! I do have a jump rope at home. But I rarely use it...been thinking about it though hehehehe....will give it a shot!! I hope I can do it for 15 minutes straight! I'll try anything right now to loose the weight...and jumping sounds like fun!!!

You take care too! Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me...I really appreciate it a lot!