Monday, June 28, 2010


Look at what I got in the mail today! Hehehehehe! Free sanitary pads! LOL!! 

A few weeks ago I saw the advertisement on Nuffnang regarding this new sanitary pad called Libresse. I quickly went to it's website to check it out. The website was really interesting and fun! There's even online games there for us to play :). Then I saw on the other pages of the website about getting free samples from Libresse. I would love to give it a try to see if it's better than the other product I'm currently using. So all I did was filled up the form online and waited for 3-4 weeks for the samples to arrive at my doorstep :). Don't you just love to get free stuff??? hahahahaha...... I do!!

I'm loving Libresse by the's so comfortable to use unlike any other sanitary pads I've used before. This one is definitely here to stay. I'm definitely changing brands today because it's so much more cheaper than the other brand I'm using plus of course the fact that it gives me the comfort and security that I need. :) 

So if you want free sanitary pads....visit the link below! LOL! :D

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Asma' Ahmad said...

suke jugak freebies!! tapi tak penanye dapat ='( wuwuw~

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

As...yang ni gerenti leh dapat punya! But you have to wait 3 weeks to get it! hehehe! It's worth the wait! Best gak sanitary pads nih! LOL! :D