Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last day of Mangkuk Tingkat Delivery!

Today marks the end of the mangkuk tingkat delivery to our house. NO MORE  mangkuk tingkat food after this from tomorrow onwards! I think we had enough of the mangkuk tingkat food for this year. We were thinking of continuing the order till the fasting month comes but because we cannot stand eating the food anymore that we had to put it to a stop.

Actually I'm pretty sad that it had to end today. I really thought that this service would work out for us since we are all very busy with work and was hoping that this could help reduce the time we spend in the kitchen cooking lunch. But unfortunately, since the mangkuk tingkat tauke didn't keep her promise to provide for us  the kind of food that we requested from her last month, so we had to end the service. She promised that she won't repeat the same menu for the second month....but she did!!! And she said she won't give us anymore seafood in the menu because we can't eat seafood.....but she did give us seafood!!! Arrrrghhhh....why laaaa like that??? A promise is a promise right? It's like as if she didn't care about her own customer. We didn't matter at all to her. :(

If you look at the photos above, those are the items what we received today for our lunch. And none of it is good for me or my Mom to eat. The first item is the sayur petola....which they cooked with so much of coconut will hurt my already problematic liver. The second item is fried fish....and it's the kind of fish that I'm allergic to. The third item is also something I'm allergic to, which is salted fish with chillies. And the last item....the sambal belacan...with ulam. Sambal belacan is the worst.....if I eat that....I'll be scratching myself for at least 2 weeks. So, in the end, the person who have to eat all this is my Mom. And she herself is not suppose to be taking all this stuff either because of her high blood pressure. :( We also noticed that ever since we started eating this mangkuk tingkat food, we have put on so much of weight!! The food they serve us everyday is so oily and fattening.

I just don't get it why didn't she just listen to our requests. It's not like we are asking too much. We are just asking her to provide food that are more balanced and healthy for everyone to eat. Oh well....what to do. I guess from now on, we will just have to figure out how to prepare simple and easy to do lunches for us to eat everyday. This way, we can control the amount of oil, salt and sugar in our cooking and add in more fiber too. Hopefully we can lose the weight we gained for the past 2 months of eating the mangkuk tingkat food. I personally need to lose it quick before raya comes otherwise I won't be able to fit in my raya clothes hahahahaha!! Yikes! :D

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iYda Juhar said...


tak de ke orang lain yg buat 'mangkuk tingkat' juge selain darimakcik nih??

bole jimat mase kan.. and the best part is dorang provide masakan kampong.


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Kami pun tak kenal anybody else yang buat service mangkuk tingkat ni kat Alor Setaq...tapi takpalah lagipun kami plan nak masak sendiri mulai sekarang....nak go for half vegetarian style....sebab nak detox badan yang dah penuh dengan toxic ni hehehehe....

Anonymous said...

Food made at home with one's own hands is the best.

Vegetables sauteed lightly and eaten with rice or a salad is a wonderful and simple lunch. As is some kind of soup.

Add some fruit and you have a light, healthy and satisfying meals and pretty inexpensive too.


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hello Barb...

You are right! I'll be making my own food from now's tastier and healthier too! :)