Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have not been so active in Facebook for quite a while now. I remember how obsessed I was before with Facebook when I was first invited to join in that social networking site way back in 2007. I was invited by my first online crush ehehehhee.....LOL! ;) If it wasn't for him I would probably not even consider joining it. This is because I was already a member in other social networking sites and the thought of joining another one just didn't seem a favourable thing to do at the time. Like I was only because I was invited. But things sure changed after that!

The first thing I noticed about Facebook was the color. I love the color of the favorite color :). I was also attracted by the layout. Everything was blue and white.....and the layout of the profile was pleasing to the eyes......user friendly too. There were many applications inside it that we can use to entertain, name it...they got it. The games they had in Facebook really did wasted my time.....hahahaha. It was an obsession that I couldn't let go off because it was so entertaining for me........mostly jigsaw puzzles...word races and stuff. No, I don't play FARMVILLE!! Sorry! I am not interested in that at all. But I do see a lot of my friends who are addicted to that application. So I got scared and never dared to try that one out because I'm afraid I might end up being addicted to that application just like them! hahaha.......furthermore, it involves participation from your friends to help out at your, I don't want an application that will annoy my friends. I only like the ones that I can play on my own without disturbing other people. :)

Apart from being able to reconnect with my old school mates and ex-varsity mates...I also use Facebook as a tool to find new friends....networking and connecting with my fans there. Kinda funny huh? Having fans hehehehe. Never thought there would be a chance to have fans. But it's nice to know that there are people who appreciate and love what I do......even though there are times when I feel so sick of my own work.  LOL! It helps motivate me to improve in what I do, most definitely!

For the past month now I realised how much time Facebook has taken away from me daily. My addiction with Facebook prevented me from doing more meaningful things in my life. I was not productive in a way. Although the games were no longer the main reason why I go's just about hanging around there that makes me happy.....weird huh? I guess because most of my friends are there. Hanging out virtually in other words hahahaha..... But it's unhealthy ya! I should be hanging out with real friends outside the house. :) Go figure!

Once I have pulled myself away from it.......I find that there was more time for me to spend on my blogs....and my work especially.....I get to experiment on new craft to try out. It's amazing how many things I can do once I stayed away from Facebook! LOL! be's not like I could stay completely away from it........but the fact that I could stay at least 80% off it is good enough for me. I no longer feel the urge to update my status at my Facebook profile page everyday like I used to.......I just didn't know why I should anymore...and yet it used to be something I really enjoyed doing. :P. But Facebook will remain one of my favourite sites to visit every now and then.......mainly because of my friends...and fans. Will not forget them! It's only because of them that I stayed.......otherwise I would have deleted the account long time ago hehehehhe :)

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iYda Juhar said...

agree :)

yan said...

Salam Lin,

akak maybe bit late from you bila joined FB.Mid 2008.At first mmglah, ada games.Mcm bebudak kecik..But now, akak syok dgn blog..FB still update, tp tak lah teruk sgt cam dulu..

BTW, Lin akak nak kasi tau, my blog ada prob..Hope Lin boleh singgah kat sini ye..

Grace to You said...

I deleted my facebook account last week. And I haven't missed it a bit. :)

Azlina Abdul said...

Iyda...hello! :)

Kak Yan...memang saya pun sama...macam budak kecik main game yg ntah apa2 ntah tu hehehehe....tapi dah lama dah berhenti...dah tak kuasa dan main benda tu semua. buang masa betui! Lin pun sekarang lebih suka tumpukan perhatian pada blogs... :)Apa masalah kat blog K.Yan tu??

Sandi...hehehe....I know you hate Facebook right? I was thinking of deleting my account before...but not anymore coz of my fans and friends there.

yan said...

Entah lah Lin..masa memula dulu buat blog, main redah je..Maybe somehow ada yg teradd atau terdelete..Bila org nak add my blog, nanti dia melompat ke blog yg satu lagi..Malas nak pening2 akak pun create blog baru, copy paste followers dan comments hilang lah..hope lin leh join and be my follower back..sorry lah lin...

Azlina Abdul said...

Oh ye ke K.Yan...alahai...sorry to hear that...takpe, no worries..I'll be your follower nanti ye! :)