Saturday, June 5, 2010

A close call!

I almost lost access to my blogs and gmail account earlier.....sob heart almost burst out of my chest!!! I wanted cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! I got all panicky and sweating all over trying to figure out how to access my gmail account back. I couldn't understand what just happened. The Blogger and Gmail wouldn't accept my password!!!!! It all started with the Google Alerts thingy I signed up for this morning. Right after that, I couldn't sign in to my Blogger and Gmail anymore....even though I deleted the account at Google Alert. :(

You can't imagine how panicked I was!!! Imagine not ever getting access to my blogs anymore!!! Imagine that! My heart raced so fast I tell ya!! But after I followed the instructions by try to get access back to my account, I finally get to access my blogs and gmail again. THANK GOD!!!!! It was a really close call!!!!

I'm so happy to see my blogs again!!!!! Woooohooooooooo!!!!!
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