Saturday, August 22, 2009

First day of fasting.....

Today is the first day of the fasting far so good....hehehe.....the weather has been really good too. What I am trying to say is that it's been quite cool over here the past few days.....not too hot because it has been raining quite a bit. So it helps!

I am still not well.....coughing and coughing......but there has been some improvement though ever since I took the antibiotics from my second visit to the clinic. So I'm hopeful that eventually I will get better. My mom on the other hand got infected too and have been coughing as well for the past few days. We've haven't been getting enough sleep at night because of this. There are times when I have to take lozenges during my sleep so that I won't cough that much. Luckily I didn't get choked at night with the lozenges in my mouth hehehe.....hopefully I will feel better soon.

I want to wish all Muslims around the world Happy Ramadhan! ;)
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bunga teratai.....

When I was staying in KL I always miss the chance to see the water lilies bloom. My mom will always be telling me stories about them, and I will feel a little sad for not being able to be there and see it for myself. But now that I am here, I get to see them up close and personal whenever they bloom.... hehehe.....they are just so beautiful!!!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Anak kucing.....

Found 3 little kittens at the back of my mom's house today.....SO CUTE!!!! The mother was very protective of them....wouldn't even let me near I had to take the pictures of them from a far....huhuhuhu......the kittens were so adorable!!! I love looking at baby animals.....they are just the cutest thing....the kittens are so small...still haven't opened up their eyes yet....

Sadly, their mother took them away to another location later in the afternoon probably because she was afraid I would play with her kittens....... :( So, tak dapatlah nak main dengan anak kucing tu lagi.....huhuhu....I'm actually allergic to the cat's fur, but still I like looking at the babies because they are just so cute.....couldn't resist it....hehehehe.......
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back in Alor Setar for good!

Arrived in Alor Setar yesterday evening....took the Mara Liner bus at 12.00pm.....arrived around 6.30pm. I think I was the only one in the bus wearing the surgical mask to protect myself from getting infected by the Influenza A. I must say wearing it can get pretty stuffy at times. But I didn't care and keep it on most of the time. People looked at me like I'm some kind of a weirdo.....hahahaha....the other passangers only kept their mask on at the Puduraya bus station....but once they board the bus they immediately took them off. They must be thinking it's safe to take them off on the bus. So positive thinking hahha....I didn't want to take any chances, so I kept them on.

Today I went to the cybercafe nearby my house.......and the owner was the only one other than me who wore the mask. The other people there who were using the internet service didn't. I must say people are just either too lazy to wear it or the mask sold at the pharmacy are out of stock! hahaha....the mask is kinda expensive though.....

Gosh there is just so much of work to be done......I have to prepare a room for me to turn it into a studio....then I have to unpack all the boxes I brought back from my apartment in KL.....I am not well either....the fever is gone but the coughing is driving me crazy.....I hope to get well there is so much to be settled.....I don't have much time.....I only have about a week to get it all done and then start taking orders from customers.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My favourite cream puff

Love love love eating this if ever I visit Sogo......there is a bakery at the ground floor called Four Leaves that sells this cream puff. It's super soft and yummy.. ;)
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Siti Nurhaliza

Was not feeling well for the past few days......feeling kinda scared as well about the Influenza A H1N1, so I decided to go and have a check at the hospital. Went to Hospital Pusrawi with my aunt for the check up....alhamdulillah the test came out negative and I'm only positive for Influenza B I got my medicine and was heading back to my aunt's place in Keramat.....but we decided to stop by at Setiawangsa's Jaya Jusco to get our food supply.

Little did we know that today Siti Nurhaliza was dropping by at the shopping complex for a small lauching of JJ's cute little teddy bears. I didn't buy any, I was just there to see her in person hahahha lol! It was worth the she came and made and entrance I was so star strucked hehehehe.....this is the first time I get to see her in person. She was so beautiful......she even sang songs for the audience.....LIVE!!! And boy can she sing!! But I must say I only know her old songs....the new ones I'm not familiar with....and I think the audiences are not familiar with it either.......hehehehe...but it doesn't long as she sings it well, we don't care hahaha....

She seemed pretty nervous on stage....I thought someone like her with all the experiences of singing and performing on stage for years and years would not have that problem anymore, but looks like she still has it....but I think it's cute how she handled it. hehehehe

I didn't bring my digital camera along with me so I only had my humble camera phone to take the photos......obviously it's not that clear but at least I got it heheheh.... ;)
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