Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Coffee Shop

This is how the chicken pau and the green bean pau look like before I steamed them. I bought them from my friend's coffee shop in Ipoh during my trip back to Alor Setar recently.....my friend sells them in frozen form as well as steamed. So since my aunt and I was planning to eat them later in the day, we decided to buy them frozen and steam them later when we arrive in Alor Setar.

This is how it looks like after steaming them for a few minutes......the green bean paste erupted like the lava from a volcano hehehe.....and it flowed out of the pau like a tsunami hehehe! LOL! :D

Savory chicken pau

Sweet green bean pau

Just looking at the fillings inside the pau makes me hungry!! It's so yummy, soft and fluffy! The fillings are quite generous I must say and very tasty. The green bean paste is so smooth and not too sweet. The chicken filling is not too spicy and even has carrots in it!

You can get the pau at my friend's coffee shop in Ipoh.....the other pau flavors they sell there are BBQ beef, Lotus and Red bean. All equally delicious :) Do check out the coffee shop at the website link below. :)

The address:
The Coffee Shop,
23-25, Persiaran SCI 2/2,
Sunway City, 31150 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.


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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trip to Alor Setar

When I was there in Alor Setar recently for a short trip, there was a time when we all went out on that Sunday to get some stuff from the store and it raining so heavily! So much so that it got a little flooded at my Mom's neighborhood! You could see from the photos above that the water level was a little high covering the road......it felt like we were on a motorboat and the water splashing on the left and right side of the car as it was moving hahahaha!! So funny! LOL!

My Mom's rambutan trees are bearing fruits again!!! Yay!!! I always get excited whenever they start fruiting....last year only one of the trees bear fruits....this year both the rambutan trees are bearing fruits! Double joy! Yay!! hehehe! I will have to go back to Alor Setar in late May or early June to enjoy eating the rambutans :) Can't wait!

The photos above shows my Mom and my Aunt Norma cutting down one of the banana tree at my Mom's house......this particular banana is called Pisang Nipah......it's so delicious eaten when fried with flour.....I love banana fritters! Yummy!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Domdal Bakery

Apricot pie

Chocolate muffins

French butter cake

Cheese pie

Don't all of these sweet desserts look super yummy to your tummy??? It sure does for me! hehe! I have never tasted any of these yummy pies or cakes yet but I have tasted a few of the pastries from Domdal Bakery including it's savory pizzas and I must say they all tasted great! I had the privileged to do some food testing recently and I enjoyed them very much!

All these delicious food you see above are from Domdal Bakery. A bakery that's just opened up at Subang Jaya, Selangor. The owner of this bakery, Mr Henrik Domdal is my good friend's brother in law....and that is how I got to know about his lovely bakery. You can view more sweet desserts and pastries that they sell over at the bakery from the website below.

Do drop by this bakery and get some good food for your hungry tummy whenever you are in Subang Jaya......you won't regret it! :)

Domdal Bakery,
Unit G-05, eTiara Apartments,
Off Persiaran Kemajuan,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Contact number: 03-5622 2351 or 016-6377 684


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Saturday, March 21, 2009

An article about yours truly :)

I got an sms from my dear friend in the morning congratulating me for getting an article written about me in the papers......I got a shock!! I was like.....WHAT!!!!!???? I couldn't believe it......I knew it was suppose to come out in March but did not know exactly when the date would be. The reporter from Berita Harian who did this article about me and my online business was suppose to let me know earlier but she only told me about it around 10 something that morning......and when she confirmed it, I was truly certain that it was out! Gosh! It was like a dream come true hehehe! I quickly informed all my family and close friends about it....they were surprised as well hehehe!

I would like to thank Kak Sha for this sweet gift!!! I can still remember the day she asked me if she could do an interview about me.....I just couldn't believe it.....of course I said yes to the request and followed by the interview itself which was done at my house.

You could read the full article in Malay at this Berita Harian website:


p.s. I did receive loads of emails inquiring for my handmade cards and bookmarks after the article was out......I'm trully grateful to Kak Sha for all this.....feels like she pay it forward to me....and now I have to pay it forward to someone else......hmmmm.....wonder who would be that lucky person hehehehe!! :)
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jus Manggoda

I got my first bottle of Jus Manggoda today......bought it from a customer of mine. Her sister in law sells them. She herself is taking it for her pimple problems and says that it works really well for her. I am so interested to try it since I read it's brochure......good for the immune system, for skin, for kidney function, liver and so much more......

Will start consuming it starting tomorrow morning......I wonder what it's going to taste like....hopefully yummy just like what my customer told me......it has the sweetness of different types of fruits.

For more info on this product, please check out this link :

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's all over........or is it really?

I haven't been blogging here for quite sometime......been dying to do so for the longest time but never really had the opportunity to do so because of my tight schedule.......today, I've finished all my small assignments and am ready to go full force with the assignment that's been handed down to me by my Mom.......so far it has increased to 50 pieces of cards, half the size of an A4 paper....it used to be only 35 pieces.....but the participants of the gathering had increased and I had to do more......urrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!

There will be late nights of me cutting paper and gluing them.....punching out flowers and making ribbons hehehe........all for the gathering. It's good that I have work to do.....it's the only way for me to make any money anyways.....no work, no money.......no money, no eat......no eat.....I die hahahaha.......

I just hope I'm able to get it all done on time......otherwise someone is going to be really really upset with me............yikes!!!!!!!!
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays....

A view from my window....

It's been raining a lot here lately......so cold...it usually rains sometimes very early in the morning, at dawn or in the afternoons.....so I have to make sure I get things done before it rains.....if I need to go out, or do my errands....must do it before it pours down.....

One thing I can't stand when it rains too heavily is my ceiling would leak....hate it when it happens.....then the floor in my living room would get wet.....huhuhu.....I wish I have enough money soon to get out of this place and rent some place else that is better.....but for now this is all I have and be grateful for.
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Monday, March 9, 2009

My long lost bosom friend.....

Today I took the time from work and busy schedule to go meet my long lost friend Lisa......we were bosom friends since we were 9 years old....but we lost contact when both of us went to further studies. Thanks to Facebook, I found her back and we got to meet each other again in person today after more than 10 years being apart.

She's married, has a cute little toddler who's now 4 years old. He's the cutest thing! :) I got the chance to meet the love of her life, her father, but was not able to meet her mother because her mother was at the hospital doing her weekly dialysis. It was a surprise to me to hear about her mother's condition...it's very sad when one has to go through all that pain. I wish there is something I can do to help....... :(.

For the first time ever I got the chance to taste Lisa's cooking.....not bad lah!.....hehehe.....the chicken soup was very nice and so was the other dish (don't know the name) which was made from brinjals....first time I tried that type of dish, and am loving it! hhehe.....her chicken curry was....urrmmm, I shall keep my comments about it to myself hahaha! LOL!

When I think about it, I am sure God has his reasons for getting us back together again at this point in my life and not much earlier.......I feel so grateful for this gift nonetheless. I can't express how happy I am to be able to meet her again......all these years I've never found a friend quite like her.....luckily she's back now and hopefully will always be around :)
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