Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pay It mine already!

I received my Pay It Forward gift from my good friend and sister from Kekaha, Hawaii :) She made a doll for me! Blue in color! My favorite color! She remembered! :) Along with it is a letter she wrote regarding the PIF......very nice, very sweet!

This is the first time I've ever participated in a blogger PIF.....I've already Pay it Forward to the other 3 from USA and the other two from Malaysia........I do know that the one in USA has already done her part in paying it forward to others, but not sure about the other two from Malaysia though.....hopefully they will keep their promise and pay it forward to whoever participated in their blog.

It is always such a joy to receive gifts from others especially since you know how much time and effort it took for them to make the gifts for you. I never imagine such a thing until I met my dear friends from USA.....they taught me all about giving....random act of kindness and the joy of living. It is not that hard to make people smile and make them doesn't take a lot of money either......I realise, the more you give, the more you feel happy....I get it now....I really really GET IT! :) My late father used to say....."spend spend and God will send"......I used to think that he was crazy for saying that.......but now it all makes sense. You definitely will not lose anything by giving.....instead you will gain more than what you put out....God definitely will send....I believe it so..... :)
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A close encounter with Mat Sentul

Met him at the food court in SOGO today hehehe....LOL! At first I couldn't believe it....but when he started talking and making his funny faces.....I knew it was HIM! But I was too shy to say a word even though I was standing right beside him at the time......He didn't look that old....I think he aged gracefully.....still slim and has the facial features of an anak mami hehehe.....

I remember watching his films when I was little.....Mat Bond one of them....with all his funny stories and his black umbrella that he carries with him where ever he goes.....kinda like his trademark, that black umbrella......didn't see him carrying one at SOGO today hehehe LOL!

Anyways.....he was arguing with the cashier at the drink seems he wanted to order fruit juices....4 of them I think....but the cashier didn't seem to get what he was requesting her to do. He specifically wanted the fruit juice without ice or sugar in it! LOL! I don't think anyone there at the time recognized him.....they couldn't be bothered with his requests either....but had to do it anyways coz he wanted it done his way.......after my drink order was ready....I had to go and that was the last I saw of him......I wonder if he got his order right in the end? hehehe!
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