Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeling good.....

It's been about two weeks now since I started cycling. It's great! I'm loving it a lot! The best thing about the whole idea is that my heart beat has lowered a bit. It was quite high when I first started to exercise seriously every morning. I'm also trying my level best to cut down my coffee intake everyday. It's been a struggle since I love drinking coffee SO much. Addicted I am to it I must admit hehehe......but I know I will soon be able to decrease the intake as I continue my mission to lead a healthier life. I used to drink coffee before I start exercising hahahaha......but not anymore now.....I take a glass of glucose instead. The caffeine makes my heart palpitate....and it hurts sometimes. The pain makes me more driven to stop drinking it.... :(

I do feel a lot better now......my sensei was right......I do need to exercise more....I have to push myself no matter how lazy I feel in the morning to exercise....I gotta do it for my own good. Nobody can do it for me....it's do or die! I gotta be strong in spirit...gotta be motivated to do it. The bicycle helped a lot.....with it I can go to the park at anytime I like....I can even participate with the free aerobic dancing that's held at the park every morning......plus "poco-poco" and tai chi as well if I wanted to....

For me....it was never entirely about looking good....it was more about feeling good. I guess I was tired of feeling so lousy everyday....I wanted to get better, feel healthier than I was before. I realize that merely taking care of what I eat or drink and taking my medicine alone will not be sufficient in achieving my goals in getting better.....I still have to move it move it and move it I shall everyday. :)

Am thinking of doing skipping too.....hmmmm......I shall get one of those ropes soon! :) I haven't done that in years! That would be a fun thing to do as well.....hehehe.....I read somewhere that skipping has a lot of benefits to our health.....it improves our reflexes, balance and posture. It makes us more vigilant and alert, therefore increases our attention skills. It strengthens the bones and increases our stamina and endurance. It will tone your muscles in the arms, legs and abs too......so that would be good for me. Yup! I will do that! Anything that will make me feel good.....I will give it a go! Wish me well! :)

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