Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My blue Raleigh......

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!! Finally! I finally got to buy a new bicycle!! Wooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!

I was trying to find one since I moved back to Alor Setar. There is a park here which is nearby my neighborhood where it's so nice to take bicycle rides. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be lovely to get me a bicycle and ride it there when I'm here. And so I did it this morning....I went to the bicycle shop not far from my house and had a look at the bicycles that was on sale there. There were quite a lot of variety there to choose from but not in the color that I was really looking for. I was hoping to get one in white color. In the end, I got one that is quite close to my heart....the frame was soft blue in color and some black here and there. So, I was quite happy with it since my favorite color is actually blue. So the only thing that was white was the basket! LOL!

The minute I got it home, I tried to ride it......gosh!!! I almost tumbled over! hahaha! Can you imagine how long it has been since I last got a ride on a bicycle???? It was about 17 years ago!!! So I was a little wobbly riding it in the beginning.....but after a few try I was riding it like the wind! hahaha!

I used to ride the bicycle when I was in my teens. Back then I rode it to school everyday. It was an experience I'll never forget. Rain or shine.....I rode my faithful bicycle to school. But those memories was one of the best memories I had when I was in my teens.

One of the reasons why I decided to buy this bicycle in the first place was because I wanted to use it as a form of exercise. I read somewhere online about the goodness of people riding it for health reasons. It's a good workout especially for people with blood type B. So it's perfect for me :). Plus it's fun! I don't like to do workouts at home. I prefer to go to the park and exercise there. Do some brisk walking as well if I can. It's definitely a stress reliever for me. Riding your worries away they say hehehe...... I really hope this new item in my life will bring me loads of fact I'm sure it will! :)
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Action taken! thankful to God...yesterday the guys from TM came over to fix my internet connection. The action was only taken after almost two weeks of suffering....hahaha.....I admit...I should have done this earlier. But I was too busy with work and busy as well with the trip to KL which was done twice in a period of two weeks, things just got in the way of it. But I was so relieved that they finally came to help me out with my internet problem. I was beginning to give up on it already...LOL! But was sorted out and now I can surf the net with no more worries. I think this year alone there has been so many problems with my PC and internet connection.....I have actually lost count of how many times it gave me trouble! LOL! :D But in the end it always gets sorted out.:)

I was thinking......thinking of getting myself a bicycle....hehehehe....been thinking a lot about it for the past few months. I have taken an action on this if I am not mistaken a month ago as I visited a bicycle shop in Jitra. But to my disappointment they didn't quite have what I was looking for. I've always wanted one you know. I used to cycle a lot back in the days when I was younger....and still schooling. I used to cycle to school everyday. It was really wonderful. I love feeling the wind on my I cycle away. It was such a joy. I think anyone who have had the experience can relate to what I've just mentioned...hehehe. And I'll bet you can agree with me on how great a feeling it is to cycle at the park....under rows of big shaded trees.....with the cool wind blowing on your face and's magical. I hope I don't sound too exaggerated here....hehehe....but that is how I feel about it especially when it comes to cycling at my neighborhood here in Taman Lumba Kuda. It is just wonderful here. The best place I know so far that I can go to and cycle my worries away hehehe.....if there was any! LOL!

An action will be taken on that matter hopefully by tomorrow.......I can't wait to check out some other bicycle shops here and see if I can find myself a bicycle that I can be comfortable riding on. I hope there is a wide choice of colors I can choose from as well......I was thinking of getting a white bicycle.....or dark blue....or a red one! Lovely!! Yup! But still I am hoping to get it in white color. I wish I wish it will come true! LOL! I sound so silly sometimes hehehe! I guess I let the excitement get to me......oh well....I need it's fun!!

Till then....can't wait to see what I will find tomorrow......
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Monday, October 26, 2009

2 more months to go....

Gosh....has it been that long???? I haven't blogged much for quite sometime here.....due to the internet connection problem these past few weeks. I'm getting so fed up with my Streamyx broadband....I have gone to TM and called up their customer hopefully things will be running smoothly soon enough. Not being able to get connected everyday is a huge problem for people like me who does business online. I think most people who are in the same shoes as mine can relate to this problem. But luckily for me there is a decent internet cafe nearby my house where I can go to and check my emails there every now and then. But still it doesn't really solve all my there are certain things that cannot be done there. Oh well....I am just grateful to be able to do what I can with what I have right now. Just be happy about it :)

Well, these past few weeks have been quite a ride....a challenge.....a mind opener too. I surprise myself everyday with the things I come up with and come to the realization of. Experiences do make a lot of difference in one's life too. They can change you....A LOT!!!! I have been blessed to meet with so many different types of people over the past few months since I moved back to Alor Setar. Most of the interesting ones are friend's of my Mom's. All of them are very fascinating people and their experiences and wisdom have definitely opened my eyes and heart too. I am a different person now then I was a few weeks ago......but I only want the good changes....not bad ones...hehehehe I am only thinking of how to improve myself these days. I wake up in the morning thinking of what are the differences I can make in my life and others too, to make our lives better.....and go to bed wishing for my dreams to come true. It's always great to do that everyday.....something to wish for....even if they don't come true, the thought of those wishes makes a lot of difference. It does make me feel so good inside. Keeps a smile on my face....and that's important!!

Time sure flies just a few more days we will be entering the month of November.....then December.....then....jeng jeng will be 2010!!!!!!! Oh my time just pass us by so quickly these days. So far I have only accomplished just a few of my 2009 resolutions. Been thinking a lot as well about what my new year resolutions will be like next year. Every year I try my best to fulfill them all.....but alas....not all is's the effort that matters.....and that's important to me. To make that effort!!! Making a difference!! What I intend to do next year will definitely be something that will not only surprise others who know me.....but it will also surprise me!!! hahahaha.....I love doing something that will keep me on the edge....things that keep the adrenalin running high......the excitement of trying or doing it is so fascinating! I am a person who gets bored so in order not to get bored with the usual routine....I will add in something new in my everyday life so that it will add some excitement. It may be small for others to notice perhaps....but I don't care, as long as it is something new and makes me happy. :)

It is always good and beneficial to add something new in our lives every now and then. To be able to learn something new.....or create something new each day is so wonderful for our will keep our minds working!
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