Saturday, July 4, 2009

Workshop Rahsia Tarikh Lahir

Attended the workshop "Rahsia Tarikh Lahir" organized by Dr Azizan Osman today with my was sooooooooooo worth it!!! I was hoping to take photos while we were there....but we were not allowed to do that :(. But it's ok hehehe.....I was happy anyways with the workshop....learned a lot about what my potentials were, my strengths and my weaknesses too. Now I can improve myself....but it would be much better if I can attend their courses. Would love to do that someday soon.

It was a one day workshop....time was limited....there were so many topics to cover within that one day period. So everything was cramped up. Obviously we can't be learning everything in just one can take months or years....but this is the first step! :)

Dr. Azizan's workshops are so much fun.....not boring at all....I was all the time alert and fascinated by the way he handled the crowd. How he delivered the presentation was excellent too. I know I would have fun if I were to attend any of his courses in future. He would definitely be a good mentor who has all the knowledge and system to make anyone successful in life! Thank you Dr. Azizan for giving us the free tickets! It was worth it!
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