Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sad and happy all at the same time.....

My eyes were swollen this morning.....watched the live telecast of MJ's memorial service from 1.00 am till 4.00 am.....was crying throughout the the whole was so beautifully of the best thing was when I could hear one of my favorite songs by MJ that was sung by Jennifer Hudson..."Will You Be There"...I simply love has such a beautiful deep meaning. It's kinda sad when I think about the memorial, especially when all of his close friends were saying all those wonderful things about him....I was thinking to myself...IF ONLY they had said all those wonderful things about him when he was alive.....perhaps it would have made a difference on how people have viewed him all these years. He was a wonderful man....he was a wonderful human doubt about it in my mind.....I could see he had a great soul, a beautiful heart....he was a wonderful father, son and brother to his siblings.....he was a creative genious and the list just keep going on and on......

This memorial, made me realize how important it is for us to appreciate our loved ones and tell them straight in the eye how much we love them and care about they have made a difference in our lives. Life as they say surely is short these days......and is getting shorter and why wait??? Why wait for the so called "the right timing"??? I sometimes feel that there aren't really any right timing when it comes to showing our love for one feels right every time and at any time for that matter. Just do it.....take the chance that we have and let it just go and move freely to the ones we love.

Later in the afternoon.....I headed to Utusan Malaysia's office for the most nerve wrecking interview I ever had to do hehehe......luckily my eyes were not so swollen anymore, otherwise it will definitely show in the photo shoot! Yikes! I never expected this interview to happen now at the time when I was about to go on a new adventure....I feel so blessed indeed. I got a call from the journalist last week....she asked me if I could do this interview. At first I thought I couldn't because I didn't have a lot of card samples to show her......I packed most of my things already....and most of them have been sent back to Alor Setar. So the samples I had with me were quite limited. But since I didn't want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity I decided to do it! I felt completely comfortable during the entire interview....everyone there was so nice! It made it easier for me to chat during the interview and the photo shoot. Everything went well.....I had a blast. I thought to myself, things fell exactly into place just when I was well enough to do it. I am also extremely happy that it came to me at the time when I was feeling I really needed the boost...I really needed to feel happy and this interview surely made it right for me. Thank you...thank you.....a million thanks to Noor Fazrina made it happen!! You have no idea how happy you have made me today :) God bless you!!
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