Thursday, July 30, 2009

Last day at Sri Penara

Well I guess today will be my last day at Sri Penara.......I looked around the place, took some photos of the surroundings....was thinking to myself, whether or not I will be missing this place?? The place where I've spent about almost 5 years of my life there......a lot has happened there....lot of good and bad....all experiences that has thought me to be who I am today.....I've changed so much over the years....the experiences I had there taught me so much. I suppose wherever we go in life we will pick up new experiences along the way...

I'm definitely glad I won't be staying there of the many reasons why I wanted to leave Sri Penara so bad before August was because I wanted to avoid staying there during the fasting month. You have no idea how bad it can get during this time of the year over's FIREWORK MADNESS over there!!!! I just don't know how the people there can stand it....I know they hate it as well but nothing much has been done to over come the problem. The kids there just love playing with fireworks all day and all night. I think if I live there a few more years I will probably get major hearing problems! hahahaha!

Whatever it is.....I know miss it I will not.....but I will miss KL though....and the people I love there.... :)
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