Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gardenias = bunga cina :)

Gosh.....I can smell the fragrance of these white flowers now.....especially strong in the morning and evening too......I never knew that Bunga Cina and Gardenias are the same thing.....I only knew this a few weeks ago when my dear friend blogged about it. It was then that I saw a photo of the flower and realized how similar it is to the ones grown at my Mom's house! Gosh! I'm so ignorant about a lot of things! But I love reading and learning new things and this was great for me to know :)

They flower all year round and the tree can grow up to be very tall and big in size. My Mom prunes it every now and then so that it doesn't get too big to handle.....there used to be 2 of them that's big in size, but my Mom cut one down as it was occupying the there is only one big one left at her compound.....there are a few more that she just planted and is already blooming with flowers. :)
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