Tuesday, June 30, 2009


That's me in front of the rambutan tree......so proud of that tree....it makes me happy....because I can eat so many of the fruits and shared it with our friend, family and neighbors too.

Took a photo under the rambutan tree.....looking up!:)

In just a few seconds I managed to take a photo of this bird on the tree! So cute! Not sure of the name though.....will have to do a research about it hehehe.....

Even though most of the rambutan fruits are at this point all bright red in color, there are some that are still green, yellow and orange in color.....so you'll be get to see the transformation it's colors here.

The weaver ants made a few homes for themselves up on the rambutan tree .... you can see one of their homes at the above photo I have shown here....made from the rambutan leaves itself....the weaver ants are so creative!! But I was scared of them!!! Their stinging bite can create small bumps on your skin, ouch! It hurts pretty bad when they bite you....so I had to be careful when plucking the rambutans off the tree. This time of the year, the whole tree was full of the weaver ants.....not sure where they came from.....out of nowhere!! They weren't there last year.....and it makes it difficult for us to pluck the fruits when they are around.....

That's how many rambutans we managed to collect in 1 hour! hehehehe....

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Monday, June 29, 2009

The blood and urine test....

Did my blood test during my trip back to Alor Setar last week. Had to fast or abstain myself from eating anything from 10pm that night till the next morning. My aunt was there to accompany me too. I was really scared of needles!! Luckily she was there to distract me from looking at the needle that was injected in my arm....I did looked at it for a few seconds and felt nauseous....I can't stand looking at my own blood....urrgghh! It was quite painful too.....the guy who took my blood was either not good at performing the procedure or I was being such a big baby hahaha.....whatever it is, I still think he could have done better.....I have done this before years ago and the doctor who did it to me didn't cause me any pain whatsoever....I guess there's some skills involved in it to make sure the patient is not in any pain.

I also did the urine test together with the blood test. The urine sample was taken at home....didn't want to do it at the pathlab, as it would be so uncomfortable. So they let me have their special container the day before the test so that I can do it at home. Took the sample to the pathlab the next morning to be tested. Hoping that all will be good.

After waiting for 4 days for the blood and urine test to be processed, the day finally came to pick up the results. I was beyond nervous. Then when I saw the results, I panicked! Some of the results made me happy but some made me so worried, disbelief etc etc.....a lot was going on my mind at the time. The chemist who was on duty was a bit late to work and I had to wait for a while before he could explain to me about the results of the tests. When it was time for the explanations, I felt more worried....this is because he said that I have problems with my liver. I suspected that there was something wrong with it before because of the pain I've been experiencing, but I guess I thought it was just a temporary thing. The pain comes and goes. Not sure if there is any gall bladder stones.....I think I have to do the scan at the hospital to find out for sure. But I am happy to know that my kidneys are fine now.....it wasn't before...but after taking medication for it, 15 - 20 stones came out.......and after they all came out, I don't experience the pain anymore. That is such a great relieve.

I also have a slightly high bad cholesterol level....hmmm.....because of eating too many eggs perhaps and fried foods!! hehehe.....but I have gone on a diet that abstained me from taking any eggs or meat and fried for the past one month now.....so that helps a little. He said I don't have to take any pills for the cholesterol as it is not that high.....all I need to do is EXERCISE MORE!! Hmm....sure, I can do that!! ;)

As for my thyroid problem......it's pretty worrying. I have had it for more than 10 years now....and the goiter is getting pretty big. A bit too big for surgery. So I have an alternative to resolve that problem now....thank heavens for that....but will have to wait a little while longer for that problem to solve. So in the mean time, I'm just going to concentrate with the liver and cholesterol problem first! Solve one problem at a time.

My late Dad and his family has a history of diabetes.....so I was worried about my blood sugar count...thank God it's not high. So I'm relieved to hear about it.....I don't want to be a diabetic patient....I know how hard it is to have that problem as I've seen what my late Dad had to go through fighting it. I have been taking care of my sugar intake....so I'm glad I'm on the right track. And I'm glad my urine test is clear of problems! No problems whatsoever....thank God for that!

All these years I never knew what is my blood type.....NOW I KNOW! It's B positive.....all this time I thought I was type O just like the rest of my family......I asked the chemist, how is it that I am blood type B....so he said probably my late Dad was a B..... B + O = B or O.....When I reached KL again, I did some research on a diet for blood type B....and was shocked to find out about the things that I can't eat.....those things are actually food and drinks that was harmful to me. I never knew it was harmful to me since all these time I thought I was blood type O. I realized how important it is for us to know what our blood type is so that we are not poisoning ourselves with the kind of food that are not suitable for our blood types. Now I know why I've been sick.....it's because I have not been eating the right food. The types of food and drinks that I am not allowed to eat are mostly what I've been stuffing myself with all these years. If only I knew this earlier, I might have prevented myself from getting sick. But I'm glad at least I know it now before it was too late. Hopefully all my allergies will be gone for good now that I know what I shouldn't be eating. I've had problems with allergies for as long as I can remember. I really want to feel better.....and I'm glad that I have the right information now.....I can help myself to feel better and look better.....of course it will take time, discipline and perseverance.....I want to make it happen and make it all better for myself....for I deserve the best!! :)
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Empty spaces....

As I stare at my living room, and the rest of the apartment, I see lots of empty spaces......more and more things have been moved out, sold out, given away.......today my sis came over to take some more of her things.....as of today I am without a TV! Thank God I still have my PC around.....but I guess it won't be around for long....it will soon be moved too :(

I still have a lot of stuff to be moved.....still don't have the means to transport them to the other venue....am just so blurred right now. With the new diet that I have to follow and worrying about my health....I just don't feel like doing anything.... just feel like lying down. Just not in the mood to do anything.....or talk to anybody sometimes....I even didn't even reply messages or emails lately.....don't even answer calls sometimes.....because I felt so depressed. I know there are probably many out there who are upset with me with my behavior right now.....but I think it's better sometimes to be quiet than talk and end up upsetting people with my bad moods......

I sometimes have the need to be alone.....just be by myself and do my own things......maybe in time I will be ok again..... :(
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dangerous World Tour concert

Found out that they were going to show Michael Jackson's Dangerous World Tour concert in Bucharest on 8TV channel tonight. Was contemplating on whether to watch it or to watch a movie instead on TV2 channel called Beyond Borders.....it seemed like a very interesting movie to watch since Angelina Jolie starred in it. But as I sat down to watch the concert....I was so impress, I was glued to the show till the end! I don't think I have ever watched a Michael Jackson's concert before......and boy was I really impressed! He truly is the King of Pop....there were times when I was so emotional....I actually cried.....I guess I'm still not fully recovered from the shock about his death. :(

He danced and sang so well.....I love the part when he moonwalked in that Billie Jean number and did the 45 degrees leaning position for that Smooth Criminal choreography.....that was amazing! Googled about it as well and found out how they created that illusion....Michael really was a genius. He has always been very creative in his songwriting, dancing and performances....it's sad to loose someone as creative as him. He is special in his own way. No doubt about that. It's not easy to find talents like that these days. Even if there were any, no one can beat him.
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Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop

I got a shock to hear about the sad news on Michael Jackson's death this morning......I thought someone was playing a joke on me.....but when I checked the internet....couldn't believe my eyes when I read that he is gone.....cardiac arrest..... :(

I remember back when I was still in primary and secondary school, he was my favorite artist/singer.....most of my classmates wanted to marry him including me! hehehe.....it was so funny! But that's how crazy we were about him.....he was good looking, had great talent and had a great heart too. How can anyone not love him??

We tried to mimic him....sang his songs day and night.....tried to moonwalk too! He was so creative....he is probably one of the artists that we always look up to and always waited for his album to come out so that we could see what's his latest creation is going to be like.....just couldn't wait to hear his new songs.....he was always the best.....

I must say of all the songs he sang all these years....this is my personal favorite. I can relate to it.....makes me cry then makes me smile.....it has a deep meaning....


Sadness had been
close as my next of kin

Then happy came one day,
chased my blues away

My life began when happy smiled
Sweet, like candy to a child
Stay here and love me just a while
Let sadness see what happy does
Let happy be where sadness was

Happy, that's you
You made my life brand new
Lost as a little lamb was I
Till you came in
My life began when happy smiled
Sweet, like candy to a child
Stay here and love me just a while
Let sadness see what happy does
Let happy be where sadness was (till now)

Where have I been?
What lifetime was I in?
Suspended between time and space

Lonely until
Happy came smiling up at me
Sadness had no choice but to flee
I said a prayer so silently
Let sadness see what happy does
Let happy be where sadness was till now

He will always remain in our hearts.....always the King of Pop....no one can replace him.... :(
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A funny incident....

I went back to Alor Setar last week.......to do my blood test, to send some of my things back there and to eat rambutans!!!! It was that time of the year when the rambutans start to ripen and turn bright red in color..... I will talk about the rambutans and my blood test some other time.....as there's quite a number of photos that needs to be edited heheheh.......here's something that happen along the journey from KL to Alor Setar that I would like to share......

Can you believe it???? He was only wearing his helmet for protection! Gosh....I got the chills thinking about his safety.....what if he falls??? His seat was only made of wood and I don't see him wearing any seat belt! Yikes! He sure is one brave fella!!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Lunch date with Kas....

Pushed myself to go out today to meet an old friend.....Kaslina.....I haven't seen her since 2002.....we were housemates in ITM.....back in varsity days :) She looks the same....well almost the same.....slightly more slim now and is expecting another baby.....how lucky! Pregnant and still manage to look slim! Since I am planning on moving soon....I wanted to meet up with her.....I knew after this it might be hard for me to meet any of my friends from KL....so I tried my best to do this.....life is short....do or do not....there is no try :)

Had to take this photo on my own....the waiter at the restaurant was a little too busy to help us out hehhe....my eyes couldn't open because of the flash! Astigmatism! Boo!!

I had a good time even though it was just a brief lunch date....wish she could spend more time with me and chat about old times but she had to work and I had other things to attend to as well..... :(
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fogging like crazy.......

Around 5.40pm today they started fogging the area at my apartment.....they fogged at all the blocks here.....look at that smoke! So smelly....really can't stand it....but what can I do....they are just doing their job! It's all because of the dengue fever..... :(
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reunion .... 5307

Wow....what a day it was! Filled with so many stories...old memories from the past.....present and talks about the future. Never in a million years would I imagine of getting the chance to have this reunion with so many of my fellow room mates from the room 5307, Block E, Jati Siswi, UiTM, Shah Alam.

The reunion was actually done yesterday....but as I came home from the reunion...I was too tired to blog about it.....so I saved the story last night so that I can blog about it today.....hehehe.....We actually spent almost the whole day together....I was a little worried about what I was able to eat there, and how I would feel physically (as this is the first time I get to go out on my own since I started taking my medication).....but luckily we found a few restaurants there that was able to cater to my new diet...LOL! I was not the only one with the problem....a friend of mine who is expecting a baby is also having problems eating due to the pregnancy.....she was feeling nauseous most of the time.....really felt sorry for her.... :( But her spirit to meet up with her friends was strong....and we managed to have loads of fun in our own way!

Some of us who came for the reunion yesterday have not seen each other for more than 10 years!! Imagine that! Some I've met a few times already here in KL and in Alor Setar.....fate brought us together..... :) And of course, thanks to the technology....we are connected again in cyberspace....that's how it all began....FACEBOOK brought us together....funny huh? I actually found so many of my old friends there.....friends from back when I was in primary school....secondary school and even friends from varsity days.....

It's so cool how we can stay connected with this new tool we have at our finger tips.....communication seems to be better and stronger. There is just no more excuses to not connect. The facilities are there for rebonding old ties....and creating new ones as well.

I felt kinda sad to part with my friends during the final hours of the reunion as there were still so much more to talk about....and I'm sure my friends felt the same way too.....but deep inside I know that someday we all will meet up again....God willing....and hopefully the next time, more members of the room 5307 will be able to join the reunion......the more the merrier! ;)
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Papaya + bananas + red apples

Had another half of the papaya left today after making the other half yesterday for my mix fruit and salad dish. So today I made another fruit salad....consisting of papayas, bananas and small red apples......diced them up and squeezed the juice from the lime (limau kasturi) on top of them and mix them up. So refreshing and cooling for the hot weather these days...... ;)

I've been enjoying preparing and eating these mix salad dishes lately not only because of the hot weather but also for my health sake. I have been creating a few dishes that does not require me to fry or saute'......just simply eaten raw or steamed.....it's so simple, easy to manage....gets done in a jiffy....and tastes great! Suddenly dieting does not seem so bad after all....hehehe....it can be great if we put our mind to it. It does require us to sit down and think of the menus.....but it's all worth the trouble. Once we know what are the things we can prepare for breakfast, lunch and dinner......we can easily do it! No problem at all...... The most important thing is that everything got to be fresh....other wise it won't taste as great....hehehe
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Water issues....

Water.........it's so important to drink lots of water.....but why is it so hard to even take 2 liters of it everyday??? I think I only take about 1 liter per day....which is not enough. I need to take more.....

They say that it's good to take at least 2 glasses each morning before brushing your teeth.....it's a natural way of detoxifying....boleh "awet muda" and bla bla bla.....I've tried it before and then found it quite nauseating after a couple of weeks.....hahaha...........

These past few days.....I have only been taking plain water or tea....tea without any milk.....but lately the tea does not seem to taste good anymore....so I just take plain water. Drinks with milk makes me want to vomit.....don't know why.....it used to be a favorite thing to do to add milk in my drinks....but nowadays, it makes me want to vomit. Crazy......must be a side effect from the medication......

So....the only drink I take now is either plain water or I add some glucose in it for taste....and energy....so boring.....but on the bright side maybe I can lose some weight if this goes on hehehehe

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mix salad.....fruits and lettuce...

Thought of preparing myself a big bowl of mix salad today......something I can eat for lunch time. Checked my fridge.....there are some pears, red apples, romaine lettuce, lime (limau kasturi) and some walnuts.....

Heated up the walnuts for a while.....then when it's hot enough, put them in my plate and chopped them up into little pieces.......the pears and red apples I diced them up...the romaine....just shredded them in medium sizes.....and threw everything in the bowl....then squeezed the limau kasturi on top of them and mix them up nicely......

The taste is actually quite nice....refreshing....I guess this new diet is going to be ok after all....as long as I can get the fresh supply then I think it will be ok.....
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Monday, June 8, 2009


Am in the midst of packing still........there are boxes everywhere in the house now....my studio right is the most messed up place in the house! I can't even walk easily in it without bumping into some boxes and packages on the floor....a total mess! I can be quite blurry when it comes to packing. Can't seem to make a decision as to where to place what......which box is more suitable for which material and labeling them is most important otherwise I will be in trouble later when I need to find things in case of emergency hehehe.....

I've packed up some of my clothes already.......art materials....and stuff.....gave away some old furniture and got rid some of the unwanted things that has been lingering in the store for years....suddenly the house looks a little empty in certain places....so funny looking hehehe....I didn't realise how much junk I have in the house till now......there are just so many unwanted stuff that can be recycled too......

The heat is another factor that's making me blurry when packing.....hahaha....can actually feel the sweat dropping on my skin.....urrrghhh......the hot weather these days is really getting on to me.....crazy weather..... :( Makes me dizzy and lazy and sleepy.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Food......what I'll miss...

Ever since I found out what was wrong with my health about over a week ago......I started to list down what are the things I can and cannot eat.....can drink and cannot drink....can do and cannot do.....but what I shall miss most is what I cannot eat! I've known this for quite a long time ago but have gone through a hard time disciplining myself to follow this diet. Obviously because it's too much for me to handle......most people who knows me can tell how much I love to eat.....I don't over do it but I do know how to enjoy a good meal.

I try not to complain about this too much especially since it's for my own good......after all, even though there are a lot of things I must avoid taking, there are a lot more stuff out there that I can still take. I just need some time to adjust to this new diet....I've done it before years ago....was so strict with the diet....no matter what people think of it, I kept on with it. And of course I felt so much better with that diet.....felt so healthy too ......but it all changed when I came and live in KL......there were so many great goodies here that I just couldn't resist....and so after a year of that strict diet...I failed to follow it anymore....slowly I turned to the dark side hahahaha.....I also became a coffee addict and ate without even thinking of the consequences (not all of the times though hehehehe)

I tried to do the "mind over matter" thingy.......it worked for a while.....then I went back to consuming what I liked....I felt guilty after that....but then, since it makes me happy, I didn't care.....until it was causing me pain......then I knew I had to do something quick.....

I've always loved to eat fried foods....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.....and now, I can't take them anymore......I can only steam, boil, grill and poach them.....I love to eat chicken....not much of a beef person nowadays.....but, both of those I can't eat anymore.....the only meat I am allowed to consume now is fish.....and only the ones with scales......hmmmm......well at least I am allowed to eat fish....if it's just vegetables and fruits....I'll just die.....hehehehe......

I'm supposed to avoid taking coffee and tea as well........gosh....that was hard to do.....being an addict and all......but it seems that the "bad coffee" is not real coffee beans....it's the instant ones, like Nescafe and all those 3 in 1 coffee and tea mixture......that is forbidden for me! So if it's from the freshly grind ones, that is not so bad.....but so far, it's been 7 days since I last took any coffee....yay! Did take tea a couple of times though....but tea has never been my favorite anyways, so it was ok to leave that one......it's the coffee that I miss most....huhuhuhu.....

Yesterday I took time to go out and buy my groceries......and boy did I bought a lot of vegetables! My aunt just laughed looking at what I bought.....I guess, I'm beginning to look like a rabbit to her hahaha.....because of all the vegetables I have to eat....I was born on the year of the Rabbit...so eating vegetables has never been a problem....neither is eating lots of fruits....so I think I'll be ok with that...the only problem is I need the meat as well.....but I hate to clean the fish!! hahaha......plus fish is expensive to buy. I am not allowed to eat eggs either...it seems that eggs are harmful for me too....SIGH......so I guess I'll just have to learn to eat fish once a week or once a month hahahaha.....

After 9 days of the "detoxification".....there's already signs of my body healing itself.....apart from taking my medication that is......I do feel the difference.....I just need to keep on telling myself that no matter what....I have to do this for my own good....if I don't stay disciplined I won't be getting better.....so must always be strong and motivated!!!! Chaiyo! Chaiyo!!!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang.....

Lyrics - Tak Mungkin Kerna Sayang

Setiba di persimpangan,
Langkah kita tak lagi sehaluan
Bermula di saat itu
Tidak senada irama dan lagu

Begitu hidup ini
Tiada yang abadi
Yang patah tumbuh
Yang hilang berganti

Kau telah jauh, jauh dariku
Tiada ruang di hati buatmu
Namun harusku akui
Ada ketika di minda kau menjelma kembali

Sekali sekala ada
Ada rindu yang datang tiba-tiba
Tak mungkin kerana sayang
Cuma terganggu oleh perasaan

Begitu hidup ini
Tiada yang abadi
Yang patah tumbuh
Yang hilang berganti

- Alyah

The first time dengar lagu ni....terus syok habis.....mungkin sebab sesuai dengan apa yang I lalui sekarang ni kut hehehe.....macam ada makna je tuuuu.....kuikuikui....and maybe because of the melody...I like it very much hehehe.....and I can sing this song quite well....suits my voice hahaha...perasan!!! Tau takpe! ;)

Masa pergi and balik Alor Setar hari tu.....bus yang aku naik tu asyik kedengaran radio DJ pasang lagu ni jer....kiranya lebih 10 kali la campur trip pergi dan balik.....terus aku layan perasaan....mai tang chorus tu yang tak tahan tu...fuhhhhh.....memang kenalah pada situasinya....hehehehe....Masa tu aku tak tahu sapa penyanyi lagu ni....aku agak-agak je la....boleh bayangkan muka dia....tapi namanya tak menjelma difikiranku....so apa lagi....bila balik ke KL semula...terus cepat-cepat aku buat research aaaaah.....hahaha.....rupa-rupanya si Alyah....sedap gak suara dia ni...I like.... :)

Kau....telah jauh.....jauh dari ku....tiada ruang dihati buat mu..............
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's been a while.......

Gosh....it's been a while since I could blog here.....the PC is fixed BUT not working as well as it should be. Most of the time it acts up! Because of this, I can't take any orders online.....it's just too difficult, especially for the custom made orders........Honestly I'm pretty tired of fixing it.....wish I could get me a new one! But since I can't afford a new one, this old one will do for now. As long as I can use it to check my emails, blogs and Facebook hehehe....

A lot of things has been going on lately, going through a lot of difficulties now......with my ill health and computer problems and plus the other things that has been bothering me and disturbing my peace at home.......I've finally decided to MOVE.....move where??? ahaaaa.....that's a secret for now.....will reveal it when the time comes hehehhee.....

Yup.....I'm spending most of my time now packing my things at home.....doing them bit by bit....there are a lot of things to do, things to settle......my head is spinning! haha! I have not been creating anything for the past few weeks now......I have made something for an aunt of mine though.....but that was it....no creations after that.....boohoohooohooo.......... :(

I really want everything to be settled as soon as I can so that I can resume back to work.....but it does not seem as easy.....there are just too many things to do.....and I just don't have the energy to do them all at one go......kinda feel frustrated sometimes.....but I have to accept the fact that I can only do what I can.....time is running short.....I just hope I can make it on time for the move. Hope everything turns out well, God willing........
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