Saturday, April 25, 2009

Carving a stamp...first time!

I got this gift from an angel in Maine hehehe......I got a lot more gifts that she packed up in a box but this particular gift here, the Speedball carving tool set is my most favorite! Maybe because it was something that I've been aiming at buying for a long time now. Suddenly, one fine day.....there it was, in my own hands.....unbelievable!

I wanted to play with it as soon as I can! So I did! Tried my hand at carving a motif on the rubber or eraser today hehehe..... I did my first rubber stamp and it was for my aunt......carved out the name NORMS......which stands for Norma Mohd Salleh.....heheh......NOR for Norma, M for Mohd and S for Salleh.. :)

Never thought that it would be so hard......maybe I was too ambitious! I should try a simpler motif next time round........need to buy some cheap erasers to do my experiments.....hahaha.....for beginners like me, I know I'm bound to make a tone of why waste the good erasers......use the cheap ones first! hahaha!

I'm just super excited about the whole experience. I never thought I would be doing this new craft this year.....wanted to do it for the longest time, and especially when I received a book about rubber stamping from the same angel some time ago hehee......AND a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a Malaysian blogger who carves out her own rubber stamps and sells them online too! I felt so inspired to do it......I love carving and have carved out designs on wood before. But that was so long ago when I was in my teens. And the wood block was so much larger. A lot of space to work with. It's a bit different in technique....although at some point, there are some similarity in it.

But when it comes to's a lot softer, breaks easily and I have to be gentle with it. I get so excited about getting it done fast.....a little impatient no? hahaha......just can't wait to stamp it! Thats all! hahaha! I just have to give myself more time to get the hang of it. I hope to do more designs on rubber and play more with my new tools. Wish me luck! :)
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mangosteenskin said...

hi lin!!!

thank you very much! it's a good website! already mark the page! sampai sekarang masih kempunan nak memiliki speedball lino cutter tu...haha.

ohya...congratulation on your first stamp!!

Azlina Abdul said...

Hi Mango!
Glad to know! I really hope the website will be very useful for you :).

Oh my gosh! You tak guna lino cutter ke for your stamp designs?? Wow! Terrernya!! Tabik spring babe!!! I ni masih merangkak lagi dalam mengukir rubber stamps ni huhu....entah bila la nak seterer you huhuh....Thanks for your wish!!

Grace to You said...

I can't believe how good your first stamp is!!! That's really should have seen was a shadow stamp! :D

It's obvious you have talent...can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Azlina Abdul said...

Really???? Thanks Sandi! So sweet! That's a big encouragement for me to hear you say that....I can't wait to do another one soon. The next one will be a name for myself or perhaps flowers or leaves....oh I don't know...I have a few designs in mind! Can't wait to carve them out!! heheh!