Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Coffee Shop

This is how the chicken pau and the green bean pau look like before I steamed them. I bought them from my friend's coffee shop in Ipoh during my trip back to Alor Setar recently.....my friend sells them in frozen form as well as steamed. So since my aunt and I was planning to eat them later in the day, we decided to buy them frozen and steam them later when we arrive in Alor Setar.

This is how it looks like after steaming them for a few minutes......the green bean paste erupted like the lava from a volcano hehehe.....and it flowed out of the pau like a tsunami hehehe! LOL! :D

Savory chicken pau

Sweet green bean pau

Just looking at the fillings inside the pau makes me hungry!! It's so yummy, soft and fluffy! The fillings are quite generous I must say and very tasty. The green bean paste is so smooth and not too sweet. The chicken filling is not too spicy and even has carrots in it!

You can get the pau at my friend's coffee shop in Ipoh.....the other pau flavors they sell there are BBQ beef, Lotus and Red bean. All equally delicious :) Do check out the coffee shop at the website link below. :)

The address:
The Coffee Shop,
23-25, Persiaran SCI 2/2,
Sunway City, 31150 Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan.


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Grace to You said...

Oh my goodness, this looks yummy!

Azlina Abdul said...

They sure are! :)

CC said...

Yum! Do you know that in Hawaiian pau means "all, finished, entirely"? Like Pau Hana means After Work...so maybe you could eat pau "pau hana"??? ;) It does look yummy!
Oh, and Ron bought a bamboo steamer! Now we just have to figure out how to use it!
Glad you got out of the flood waters in AS!!! And your mom is blessed with 2 trees fruiting this year! Yea!

Azlina Abdul said...

ooops forgot to reply to this comment!! I didn't know that the word pau has a meaning in Hawaiian!! Thank you for the interesting info!