Monday, May 20, 2013

Baby birds

I was spying on a couple of birds that were making a nest at our house a few weeks back. Soon enough the nest were ready and one day I saw 2 little eggs inside it. Guess where the nest is??? See the photo below! eheheh!

Below is the video I took of them before they left their nest......lots of fur on their bodies and they can fly now. I'm gonna miss them.

Below are the photos of the mother and father of these little baby birds. They are called the Yellow-vented Bulbul....or in Malay, they are called Burung Merbah Kapur. Sorry if the photo of the birds are not that clear.....I had a hard time trying to take a photo of them, since they would fly away once they catch me trying to take their picture ehehehe. I took the photos from the window in my studio....that was the only way they wouldn't notice me. :)

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

We got lemons!

Our one and only lemon tree in our garden has finally bear some fruits this year. In the beginning, I saw a lot of flowers on the tree......but after a while some dropped off and only a few remained.

Same goes with the fruit. Some managed to hang on to the tree and some dropped off. Only the strong ones remain and hopefully we will be able to taste them.

I can't wait to see the lemons grow bigger and turn really yellow like the photos of lemons I see in the internet. How wonderful it would be if there were many of them on the tree. 

It would be great not having to buy lemons anymore and just pluck them from the tree. The lemons that they sell over  here at the supermarket are so expensive.

I love using lemons with tea and also with fresh fruits......not to mention cooking them with yummy! ;)

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I'm just so excited that we now have gherkins in our garden. I remember when I was younger, my grandmother used to plant them at her place. I used to eat them right from the tree itself whenever I play in her garden. She would always be wondering what happened to all her gherkins.....where had they gone to?? HEhehehehehe.......they all went to my stomach!! LOL!

I love eating them with nasi lemak......they are so crunchy and tasty. ;)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

On the move again

I miss blogging here. Miss sharing my thoughts here. Been so occupied with work lately, and when that happens, I just lose the mood to write...... plus there were two deaths in my family in March and after another. That really made it worse for me. Totally lost the mood to write anything. My uncle died in March and my cousin brother died in April. Their death left a huge impact on me and I'm sure on to the rest of my family as well. I still can't believe that they've gone forever. They are in a better place now I'm sure...... :(

I started cycling again after almost a year I think......I'm not's been so long since I last cycled. Both my feet hurt so bad since last year due to the eczema that I couldn't even walk properly let alone cycle. I started cycling again late last month and it's been wonderful. I haven't felt that way for so long. I just love cycling so much. I felt like fainting a few times when cycling though on the first day......I was out of breath and had to make a few stops to catch my breath and hydrate myself.

I had to deal with a psychotic little dog as well who would try to chase me every morning on my way to the cycling track. Sigh....not really sure what is it's problem though......perhaps the little bugger was just excited about me cycling again and was trying to cheer me on.....but since I don't understand dog language, the little bugger and I would misunderstand each other everyday. LOL! Kinda stressful thing to go through each morning but I won't give up cycling just because of that.

I wanted to briskwalk too......which I have done so on the treadmill we have at home. So twice a day I'll have my exercise done once in the morning and once in the evening. I definitely prefer to cycle in the mornings and briskwalk in the evenings.

So far I've lost a total of 8 kilograms of my weight since I started the special diet in February. I still can't believe I managed to do that. I can't believe how overweight I was before either. The illness was the cause of me gaining the weight......and now it is also the cause of me losing it. Sad but true.

I had to get myself a new pair of sport shoes for my terribly swollen feet.....I couldn't wear my old sport shoes anymore coz they won't be able to fit like before. I'm glad the new sport shoes worked out well and I was able to cycle with no problem at all and it didn't give me any pain while cycling.

I love cycling nearby a park at my neighbourhood coz the place is so many old houses to look at that are still in good condition. I would make a few stops when cycling and take a few shots of things that interests me. The fresh morning air is wonderful since there are so many greens many big trees especially. The perfect place in Alor Setar for me. ;)

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Time to vote

Yesterday I practiced my rights as a Malaysian by voting in the 13th Malaysian General Election. Alhamdulillah everything went well and smooth. This is my 3rd time voting.  Felt very overwhelmed and happy that I was able to do my duty.

The general election has really opened my eyes to what the future of Malaysia will be like in the next 5 years. I only pray for the best for our country and may it prosper even more. 

This time around it was compulsory to have our finger painted by the indelible ink during the voting process. Felt a little awkward having to have my finger painted like that. But what to do, it's the rule.

I had mixed feelings when the results of the general election came out. Stayed up late at night just to find out who won. I was a little sad and happy at the same time. All I know is that I'm grateful no matter what. There is always a reason why things happen the way they do.

I hope the government will keep their promises and do their best for the people of Malaysia. Peace ^.^ v

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