Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be blogging about today's date! Yup, a special date indeed......doesn't come that often so why not just take the opportunity to write something on this unique day. Although not a lot of unique things happened today.....just a lot of working I must say ahahaha.

I haven't been writing here that much....not as often as I should or would have sometime ago. I guess, I have come to a point where I like to keep things to myself and be quiet nowadays. Strange but true. I just prefer to keep things to myself and just enjoy what I do without having to advertise about it every now and then like I used to. 

I guess I have changed. And I think I have changed a lot lately. I guess it started about a few months ago when I suddenly felt that I didn't need to share my thoughts online anymore. Not that I wouldn't share at all, it's just that I have slowed down a bit.....well, a lot actually...hehe. No more tweets on Twitter.....rarely share any status updates.....or post anything at my blog.....maybe it has something to do with age??? Ahahaha....I kept wondering why.....and time and time again.....I can't seem to find an answer. The mind just refuse to do certain things......and there's no explanation to it. It just decided to stop those actions and created a new type of activity. Ahhhh yesss.....perhaps I got bored of the old activity and needed something new in my life....hmmmmm....perhaps that's it!!! :D

Feeling kinda sad that it's already December. What the heck happened???? Time....yes, time flew faster than the speeding's so hard to keep up. Before I know it....the day is gone...and here comes a new day....a new week... a new month.....and soon enough....a new YEAR!! I'm happy because this year has been one of the most challenging year for me...a lot has happened and achieved....I had set out to achieve a few things for this year and I managed to get it all to come true....alhamdulillah.......

A change of lifestyle....a change of attitude....a change in habits.....a change in a lot of things in my life and I'm happy that I changed something and not live in the same type of setting all year. A change is good....good for the mind, body and spirit. Who knows.....I might just change again next year.....a brand new and improved Lin ;).

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