Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hello again dear blog....

Not sure why but suddenly I had the urge to write even though I know darn well  how much of work that needs to be done and the last thing I should be doing right now is write a post here.

I guess I kinda miss writing down my thoughts here. The last time I wrote anything here was on my birthday...which was in September. THAT means......I totally missed writing anything in October!!! Oh gosh....I can't believe I did that. That shows how sick I've been that I just couldn't care less about missing a post or whatever else that's happening in this world. All I cared about was how was I going to get well.

The fact that I'm writing something here right now is good sign that things are getting better.....slowly but surely I have high hopes that it will get better and better in days to come. I just need to be strong to face this tough challenge in life and have great patience.

I might have seemed a bit mean because I've been so quiet to almost everyone who are close to me's all because I just don't feel like talking much....didn't have the appetite to eat much....or go out much.....I just concentrated on working at home and healing the body.......I work as slow as a tortoise....or a snail perhaps....but I made sure I get it done....

I think I've come to appreciate my body more and be nice to it.....give special attention to it and not neglect it......alhamdulillah....I've done so much of research on how to heal myself naturally and found some natural remedies that actually work on's really amazing.....I almost lost hope....but I am glad persevered.

I'm almost a vegetarian nowadays......that was the only way for me to get my health back.....I'm glad it took great patience to do so....but it worked....tough....but it was for my own good. Luckily I can still take least that's something to look forward to each week hehe....

Perhaps one day I'll be able to write often again like I used to..... :)

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