Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Mourning over the death of a loved just died this morning......not sure what was the cause. No post mortem was done either to find the cause of death. :(

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awien said...

salam lin..
Nice to meet you.
I baru terrrjumpe your craft blog.Kreatif sangat..lepas tuh terjumpe your personal blog ni..Your english perfect sgt. Jeles la i. Mcm mne you boleh fluent english?Klau tak kisah to share. :)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Salam Awien...
Nice to meet you too! :)
Hehehehe....I don't think that my English is that perfect but thank you so much for the compliment ;). I still sometimes make some grammar mistakes...still a lot to learn about the language. I guess I've always been interested in the language since I was little so, I made sure I take a lot of effort to learn it.

Practice makes perfect :)Practice talking in in English and write more in English...listen to English songs more and soon enough you'll be good at it ;) All the best to you dear Awien :)