Sunday, July 1, 2012

July the first

Oh gosh....what have I done? I've neglected this blog to the max.....once I start to neglect, I can't seem to stop can I??  It's bad....very bad.

I'm starting to think that this is not something I can do everyday. Unless it's a  private blog. Then I think I won't have any problem writing whatever I want. The problem now is that it's not. It's public. There are things I wish I could write here but it might hurt some people's feelings even though I never meant to.......people tend to translate whatever I write differently sometimes from how I see it's kinda dangerous to simply write without caution. 

I was thinking of doing this project in another way which is by posting a photo a day instead. That would be interesting. But then the photo itself has to be interesting wouldn't it? Haha! It's another challenge for me. Oh well.....gotta give it a try at least....who knows that might just save this project! LOL! :D

Another new month to celebrate life.......I wish all the best things to keep coming my way this month....hopefully I will be more productive, making better choices, feeling better than ever and being surrounded with all the positive people around me who keeps me smiling all day. No more negative people who loves to bring me down. Taking in the good and throwing all the bad ones out of my life. Yay!! ;) 

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