Tuesday, June 12, 2012

To save and to keep

I have been saving up some money in my "KFC coin oven" since last year and finally it's full!! Yeay!!! Time to spend them! LOL! :D In the beginning, I've put in all the coins I've got from 1 cent to 50 cents....it didn't matter as long as I put in some amount of coins inside it everyday, but of late I've been putting more of 50 cents and 20 cents instead.

When I took out all the coins that I've been saving, I realised that there are a mix of different designs of coins from way back in 1973 till 2012. I can't believe that I have a 1973 coin. Imagine how long it's been travelling around Malaysia....for almost 40 years! I think I'll keep that one! hehe! 

If I were to compare the design from the 1973 coin to the recent one, I definitely prefer the old one better. I just love the old design so much better because it's symmetrical and I think a lot of thought has been given to design it. The number is bigger as well. So the number is the centre of attention, the focal point. When we look at it, we can immediately tell that it's a 20 cents coin. Nothing on it would distract me from looking at the number. The Malaysian flower is still on it but just as something that compliments it and not as the main thing that we would be attracted to when we first lay our eyes upon it.

Plus I realised that all the old coin designs had the same design at the back of it for all the coins, be it a 1 cent coin or a 50 cents coin. They are all the same. Perhaps I'll keep one of each coin from the past since they don't produce them anymore. It's part of history :). 

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