Friday, June 15, 2012

Cycling again

After so many months of not cycling, I'm just dying to go out cycling around the park again. I stopped cycling months ago because I had an accident while cycling and sprained my left arm pretty bad. Both my feet hurt as well  (but not because of the accident, there's another reason for that) and that has been one of the major reasons why I haven't been cycling. I miss it so much!! Now that my arm and feet don't hurt as much as before, I must cycle again. Work issues must not be in the way as well. 

This morning I decided that it's time for me to just do it! So I cleaned my rusty bicycle and pumped in the air in both wheels and tested it this morning around my compound to see if it's still working, since it's been abandoned for so long. Yup! It's working! Feels great to cycle again even though it was just for a few minutes this morning. For those who don't like to consider it, do give it a try at least once in your have no idea how great the feeling is when you get to cycle....believe you's a wonderful feeling! ;).

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