Friday, April 13, 2012

Pitiful room

I really pity my room right now.

It looks like it's been hit by a bomb and I truly believe that if a baby elephant were to be in my room right now, I wouldn't even noticed it. That's how terribly messy it is. The baby elephant would probably be hidden somewhere in all the paper scraps that can be seen scattered all over the room's floor. Suffocated in them! LOL! :D

I tried......seriously I have tried to clear up the mess several times before but I gave up trying because it keeps on getting messy every time I start on a new project.

I wish that sometimes my room will look pretty and neat like all those fancy craft rooms I see in craft magazines....but I guess that's never going to happen.....unless by some miracle from God that it somehow magically turns my room around and look fancy all the time.

I guess I'll never get the chance to bring anyone inside and see my room, ever! It's for my eyes only. ;)

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