Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucky lucky me.....

It's been a really nice day.......been working really hard at finishing up the a few to post tomorrow morning.

I still am having problems with the internet connection at home. Still can't get online at home. So in the evenings I would go to my aunt's place and get online at her house so that I can get my work done. Luckily she is staying so nearby. So lucky that she has internet lucky that she has a lucky that she allows me to use all the facilities she has at her home. She's so sweet! I'm so lucky! hehe! What more can I ask for.

I'm a bit excited actually. A dear friend of mine is back in Alor Setar for a short holiday. So hopefully tomorrow I'll get to meet up with my friend and hangout a bit. :)

I think I'm so lucky that I've found a place to shop in Alor Setar for new clothes. And so damn cheap too! LOL! It's a good bargain. I just love good bargains.... don't you? I guess I'll do a lot of my shopping there from now on will save me a lot. :). I have to be careful too......since it's so cheap, I might buy more than I should ahahahaha.

Actually, living here in Alor Setar is pretty nice......especially when it comes to shopping.....a lot of things here are still quite cheap to buy. Good for me hahaha.....lucky lucky me ;).

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