Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Death of a UHU

Is it just me or does everyone else face this kind of problem every time they use the UHU??? Why does it always end up looking this way? So terrible...huhuhu This one looks like it's been tortured to death. >.< 

So frustrating.....but it's one of the most useful glue there is out there that I love to use for all my craft work. So it's something that I need to use but always having problems with the metal tube.

I always tried to use it the best way I can, but I often dropped it on the floor while crafting, matter how careful I always managed to fall off the table and down it goes smashed on the floor....and it gets dented here and there. I hate it when that happens.

Sometimes it oozes out the liquid glue at certain dented areas on the tube even though I never poke it. That's why you see there are glue coming out of the tube.....which makes it difficult for me to use it.

Every time one UHU is finished, and I get to use a new one, I always tell myself that this kinda scenario must be avoided but it keeps on happening. Maybe for the new one I'll wrap it with plastic bubble so that if it ever falls on the floor, it'll never get dented again hahahahahaha. :D

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Grace to You said...

I like the idea of bubble wrapping the tube - if you do that, be sure to post a pic of it! :)