Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kelam kabut

Very very the "kelam kabut" many things to little time. Lots of orders to get done and posted today. Today last day of work for the month of March because jeng jeng jeng!! Tomorrow I'll be going for a short mini vacation hehehe. Somewhere secret.....can't tell....."jaga2....ada yg memeghati" hahahaha :D

I haven't even pack my bags yet. I'll just throw in whatever in it and go. Yup. Don't even have time to think of what I'll be wearing etc etc time to think about that. As long as I have something decent to wear, that's good enough hahahaha. :D

Gosh...I also have some scheduled posts to prepare for my card blog and for my personal blog.....huwarrrggghhhhh!!! I haven't done it yet. Gotta do for at least 3 days for this personal blog huhuhu.....all for the sake of the 366 project......sigh....the things I do I tell ya.....but that's what makes it even more interesting I guess....LOL! :D

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