Monday, March 26, 2012

Heavy, heavy, heavy!

Had a terribly nerve wrecking experience driving to the hospital to pick up my Mom there this afternoon. Had to drive there even though it was raining so heavily. My instincts told me that I shouldn't have gone out when it started to rain. But my brain kept telling me that  it was not going to get so bad. But in just a few minutes water from the heavy rain had flooded at the road sides.

It was so heavy, I could barely see the road. A few times I almost hit another car while driving as I could not really see where I was going. I had the lights on though.....that was important so that other vehicles could see me.....and yet one almost hit me even though I switched on the lights.....that shows how heavy the rain we could barely see one another. 

Managed to take a couple of photos while stopping at the traffic lights and at the mamak shop hahaha. I kinda like the photo with the bike....looks kinda pretty don't it? (yeah right! haha!)....and I only used my hand phone camera for the shots :).

Lin....please remember the next time you wanna drive out to town......., if it looks like there's going to be heavy rain....thou shall not leave the house! Just stay at home till the weather looks a little clear.....safer! :)

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