Thursday, March 1, 2012

Black Swan

I saw this movie, a psychological thriller on Astro the other day and God willing I'll never watch it again...huhuhu. It's so scary freaky chilling my bones hair rising experience I've had in a long long time. >.<

Some of the parts of the scenes I can barely open my eyes. Half shut, fully shut and sometimes all eyes wide open hah! Natalie Portman gave it her best in portraying this character and it's no wonder she got an Oscar for it. Amazing acting.

Although Astro cut a lot of scenes in the movie, I did understand it in my own way and it's kinda sad really. How Nina lived her life with a controlling mother like that. Sometimes I think parents should give their kids a little space. Can't keep them caged forever. Sooner or later, they will rebel. Her determination to realise her dreams were so strong.....but she just didn't know how to get there......and she just pushed herself too hard.....her mind couldn't take it.......she just lost it. Such a sad ending.....

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