Sunday, January 8, 2012

The 8th day

Today is the 8th day of the 366 days blogging project and already I'm feeling stuck with nothing specific to write about for today's post. Yikes! Although a lot has happened since this morning, yet I'm not allowed to share about it with my readers today. Because it's too personal to share. It wouldn't be proper. Because it involves other people in my life to be exact and I wouldn't want to talk about them here. Better to just stick to talking about Lin. haha ;). what shall I write about right now?? I think it's safe to talk about work? I guess my mind is so consumed with topics related to work. It's all I think about everyday. The first thing that pops out of my head after I have my breakfast. Or perhaps during my morning workout, yes, even during that time, I think about work. I just can't seem to stop. It's inevitable. So much so that sometimes I have to remind myself to think of something else. But after a few minutes, it comes back again. That's the honest truth. 

I sometimes....well, not to say I forget to eat....but I am so absorbed with work that I don't care much about eating. I eat just to be able to have the energy to work and nothing more. I find that I can sit there at my working table and work for hours and hours. But the minute somebody ask me to do something else....housework for example, I suddenly feel tired. Just the thought of it makes me weak. But the thought of crafting gives me energy. Strange but true. :D

Lucky for me, even though the thought of doing housework makes me feel weak, I still do them though. Because I can't stand living in a dirty house. I have my limits. I definitely won't allow my room or house get too dirty. But I'm not a cleanliness freak. No. I don't clean every single hour. :D

You should see my working room or so called studio. It's a mess. But not to the point where the floor is dirty or the room is smelly. I can't stand bad odor. So I make sure I can breath in it and can work comfortably in it too. So, it just looks messy coz there's just too many stuff inside it and not properly organized, that's all. I've talked to a lot of crafters and they said the same thing too. It's just nearly impossible to keep the room tidy especially if you are crafting 12 hours a day. Well, that's me. Perhaps there are others out there who can keep it tidy even though they craft 12 hours a day. Super efficient I suppose. I'm not super efficient. That's a fact.

What can I say, when it comes to crafting, it's something I enjoy doing and passionate about. No matter how tired or sick I feel, I can still get up and do it. It's my life. I love it. :) Imagine what I can do if I feel passionate about other things as well. It will do a lot of wonders for me. If only.....hmmmm.....something to think about. :)

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