Saturday, October 1, 2011

Something like that

It's weird not writing here for so long. It's like as if I forgot to write my diary. The diary went missing. Well....something like that. 

I still am having problems with my PC. They still haven't fix it yet. It's funny how people who work with computers for so long tells me that they have no idea what's wrong with my PC. So bloody funny. I'm too tired to feel upset. So I just let it be for a while. I can still survive without it .....I can still carry on with work, so I carry on....if it means I have to borrow somebody's laptop or go to the internet cafe or whatever, I'll do it, as long as I get the job done. It's fine by me. I don't want to think too much about it and get a headache. I just do whatever I can. I'm trying not to complain and I hate having to explain.......I just say whatever I feel like saying and that's that....nothing more.

I'm happy that I've been quite discipline with my morning exercise lately. I haven't missed it yet so far. I'm trying to make it like a daily routine and not something that I'll do whenever I've gained a few pounds or when my clothes suddenly feels a little tight here and there. It has to be something like food or drink that  have to take everyday or I'll just won't survive the day without it. Yeah......something like that. I do feel good health has improved quite a lot the past few months. With the new medication....the exercise, the new eating habits's great! I haven't felt so good like this in years. Hopefully things will get better and better in months to come :).

I'm also happy that I got my handphone back. It came back from being coma for at least 2 weeks. I was really worried about it. But after a week I forgot all about it. I just got used to not having a phone. I guess, that's how it was.....something like that. Now that it's back, I have learned not to be so depended on it. I used to cling to it 24/7. It's the first thing I think about whenever I woke up and the last thing I see before I go to bed. It was that bad. I guess, it was a good thing that it went into coma for a least it taught me to appreciate other things in life that I was neglecting for so long and I also got to do other things without so many distractions from the hand phone. So now, all is good. :)

A lot of things happened the past few months......some are really shocking.....some are sweet surprises....and some are bad surprises.......some sad news.....some good news.......

Been so busy with work as well. So so busy. It's a different kind of busy though. Something new to me. A new thing I'm exploring in business and I like it a lot. Sometimes I like being busy......sometimes I just wanna be free. But of course I can never be free for too long. I don't have a fix income. So that's how it is....I just have to keep going as long as there is a demand.....I'll my best to supply. I'm so used to this routine that, I just can't stop. Some people say I'm a workaholic....I guess they're right. I just love doing what I do.....can't help it.

I'm saying "Hi" to October and hoping that it will bring me a lot of happiness........but September was really really sweet to me. And I'll never forget 9.9.2011..................the sweetest most sweetest day of the year. ;) was sweet like that..... ;)

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CC said...

Ooooo! What was the most sweetest day!???
Love you!

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Will let you know why it was so sweet one day CC ;)

Love you too!