Sunday, February 13, 2011


Location: Aunt's house
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Mood: A little cranky but positive nonetheless :P

I feel so free today. Free coz most of my important assignments are done and now I can concentrate on the less important ones at hand. And I only have about a week or so to get them done before I go for another trip to KL. This time around it's not for leisure but because I have to care for my aunt who will be going through an operation at a private hospital in KL.

It was a tough decision for her to make as she is just like me who is afraid of surgeries hehehe! But in her case, it's not as bad as least her issue is not as major as mine. Even so, it's still a surgery and she has to do it twice. This trip is for the first one and perhaps in another month or so we would go there again for another surgery. I hope the surgery will be a successful one!

Health wise lately for me has been so bad. Issues with my aching tooth....and my body acting up with all sorts of problems. One by one things starting to show up. And now it's a little better thank God. I had to stop taking a few things and see how it goes from there. So far there is a good sign. My mood has not been good at all because of all this. It's not easy to control myself from feeling bad about it. I'm only human. But I easily change from feeling bad to feeling glad in no time. Humour usually does the trick.....and not forgetting good tasty yummy sinful food! LOL! :D I really hope that by the time I need to travel again, my health has improved a bit otherwise, it will be hell to travel in this condition.

I have been thinking and thinking of what I can do while I have to stay at the hospital.......quilling perhaps? Nooooooooo.....I think not. Perhaps I'll crochet instead hehehe! Yes, it's what I love doing's an old addiction actually. I used to crochet my own handbag way back's a skill I learned from my aunt actually hehe. Yup...I think I'll just do that and perhaps do some reading too. That would be nice! :)

I've got another new addiction lately. Guess what?! I love watching Raja Lawak!!! hahaha! Gosh! I know I know.....I can't believe it either. I used to hate watching that show......seriously hate it! But now with the new and improved show.....and the hosts that have improved their jokes....they are now so amazingly funny I tell ya!! Johan and Zizan are really really funny! I've even watched reruns of it. That's how bad my addiction has become hahaha! And in this new season, some of the contestants are really really funny too! Really funny! No kidding man! I really enjoyed myself. Whenever I'm down.....that's the channel I want to tune into. If my PC is working, I would be watching Joan Rivers on Youtube......too bad I can't do that now since the computer is down. But yeah, Joan Rivers is great.....she can really crack me up non stop! She can just go on and on and on and on ......just flowing with jokes. :D

I really miss my friends. Some I miss more because I have not talked to them in such a long time. There are some that I can't talk to at all. Not because I don't want to talk to them but because they don't want to talk to me anymore huhuhu. Why? I have no idea. I miss them so much.....more than they can imagine. I wish them all the best in life and wish they are happy in whatever they do. Perhaps one day God will help us reunite again. Who knows ya. :) Hope that day will come soon. If not......then que sera sera.....what will be will be......still I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Ok....I better go and get my work done....lots to little usual. Need to work faster and be more efficient

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