Sunday, January 2, 2011


Last night I actually watched this movie "Magika" on Astro. If you knew me well, you would be very very surprised as to why I watched it. Well, I watched it mainly because I was so curious to know if the movie was good or not since it won so many awards recently.

I gotta admit......the screenplay was pretty time at all for me to feel bored as it was pretty fast moving. Initially I only wanted to watch it for 10 minutes. In the end......I watched the whole thing!. :P But.....there were many times I had to turn off the sound of the TV because I couldn't stand listening to Dania Danielle and Mawi singing hahahaha! Awful!!! Can't take it! So I had to turn off the sound for a while until they finished singing. LOL! They sang a few times in the I had to turn off the volume a few times too! hehe! I didn't want my ears to bleed. :P

Honestly since it's a most of the characters in this movie had to sing out some of their dialogues. I've seen a lot of musicals before and this particular one seems funny to me hehehe.....well, I applaud them for trying their best to make a good musical....but I know they can do better next time.

There were a few scenes in the movie that I love......pretty funny! One example is the part when the Nenek Kebayan answered the phone (which was made from an empty tin). I really didn't expect that! It reminded me of my childhood days! We used to play like that when we were younger. And Ziana Zain is so funny! She's a really good actress. Love her! I think she was the most outstanding in the movie.

Another thing that caught my eyes was a scene with Adibah Noor in it where I saw they made a TV using the "wayang kulit"! So cool! Wonder who thought of that idea! haha! :D It's so funny! Imagine having a TV like that. Pretty interesting!

Overall, I would give the movie 3 stars. And honestly I can only watch it once. Once is enough. hehehe! :)

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