Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just visiting

I haven't blogged for 2 days! Gosh! There goes my dream of blogging non stop everyday for one whole year! hahaha!! I was really hoping to achieve that dream this year but what to do....huhu...the inevitable happened and I had to miss those 2 days. Oh well! Perhaps I should just try blogging everyday non stop for a month first and see how I can achieve that hehehe. That would be a good practice for me :).

I was not at home yesterday from morning till very late in the afternoon because I was in Parit Buntar with my family. Visited a very close relative there. Had a great time with my Pak Ngah and Mak Ngah. She cooked for us lunch as she normally would if we ever came to visit. Pak Ngah does not like to eat outside lunch at home is the best choice for them. 

That's me feeling giddy posing with my most soft spoken aunt who is such a sweet person too :) She was the one who took the trouble to cook all the yummy food below :).

 These were menu for curry, fried chicken, grilled fish etc etc... ;)

But I loved this dessert the best! She made it a little different because she used brown sugar instead of white sugar, so that's why you see it's kinda brown in color. It's called "Serawa labu" or "Pengat labu". Labu is pumpkin, by the way :). stay at home and do work day haha.....lots of work lined up for this month.....and I've just got about 2 more weeks before another "getaway" ;). So I better get all my work done before that day comes.

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AbGJaS said...

Hi Lin,
Blogging everyday for the whole year?
I got my resolution too - to post entries more than what i posted last year....and here i am, haven't updated my blog since the new year haha...

BTW i love fish curry :)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Abg Jas..

hehehe...I think I posted a lot of entries last year...a whopping 312 entries. A whole lot more than I did in 2009 which was only 87! ehehe!

How have you been? You must have been so busy with school work since the school started early this month. I do believe that teachers are the busiest people on earth! I know so since my Mom and Dad were teachers before....I once told my Mom, that she was busier than the PM! haha!

So you love fish curry too? Me too! And my Mom can make a really good one as well....lucky me! hehe!

Hope to see you post an entry soon! ;)

AbGJaS said...

Hi again Lin,
Actualy i'm not a school teacher but i give tuition in mathematics (and additional maths). Hehe...i love maths since schooldays. My students ranging from year 5 to form 5 and i got more than 100 of them.

I work 7 days a week and I have morning, afternoon and night classes almost everyday!!

Hehehe...sounds busy doesn't it? But i LOVE my work hehe

Tp abgjas rasa Lin laaaagi busy dgn craftwork yg tak pernah habis tu kan?

Lucky for those who can sit back and relax at weekends...hehe

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Abg Jas...
So you teach Mathematics ya? Just like my Mom....she was a Maths and Science teacher. But unfortunately both her daughters failed Maths during SPM huhuhu. I did get an A though during PMR...something went wrong somewhere during form 4 and form 5 I guess. :( Lin rasa kalau dapat cikgu Matematik macam Abg Jas masa Lin form 5 dulu, sure Lin dapat A hehehe! have lots of students going for your classes! A handful! I wonder how you manage so many everyday. Respect la!

It's good that you are passionate about your work. If you love what you do, then it won't be a burden right? :)

Lin memang kerja 7 days a week. Tak reti duduk diam...mesti kerja kerja kerja jer...hehe...but since I LOVE what I do, just like you....we don't see it as a problem. :)