Saturday, December 4, 2010


Tupperware Brands is holding a contest at their website.  The Watch and Win contest! There will be 20 winners selected each week. The 20 lucky winners who answers the questions  at the website correctly will have a chance to win Tupperware's "Bring Your Own" gift!

I'm trying out my luck here. I love Tupperware Brand products. My family and I have been using their products for years. As far back as I can remember.

Their plastic containers are made from safe, non toxic, non carcinogenic materials and do not release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents. They last a long time too! I love them!

Check out the link below if you wish to try your luck with the contest. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

Please do not use Tupperware or any other plastic for food storage or food cooking. Plastic containers contain PBA and polycarbonate and synthetic hormones are leached out of the plastic and into your food.

Do you have problems with hormones? If so, you have been ingesting synthetic hormones for years.

I use only glass for storage and drinking. Do not cook in aluminum pots only stainless steel or cast iron. Do not use Teflon either.

Since you have health issues, please discontinue all plastic use.

Here is the link to Tupperware and its chemicals. Yikes!!!!

Take care,