Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye you! :)

It's the last day of 2010.....started off the last day with my workout at the park. Went for my aerobics this morning. It was so great! Felt so happy doing it. Especially since we get to learn a new dance step today. :) I didn't even feel like fainting or gasping for air since now that I can breathe better. No more blockage inside my exercising is so much easier now that the problem is solved. Yipppeeee! ;)

I can't believe that today is the last day of 2010! Gosh! Time sure fly fast. I'm not sure if I'm ready to face 2011 but I'm excited about it though. I know a lot of good things will be coming my way this new year. New opportunities, new people to meet, new things to try out, new places to visit........... new experiences in life. :)

A lot of good things happened in 2010. Gosh, I wouldn't know where to begin. Work wise, I must say I've done a lot this year! A lot of good things keep coming for my so called hobby turned biz thingy hehe....It's been great! Although I'm not filthy rich yet.....but I'm glad that at least I'm getting better and better at what I'm doing. I know now what I have to do.......and I just have to keep on believing that someday I'll be get more dreams to come true!

2010 was a year full of the good and the bad. Quite balanced actually...hehe. :P Whenever I get bad news.....before I know it, I'll be getting some good news soon after that. In other words I don't get to feel sad for too long. I hate that sad feeling anyways. I don't want to remember the bad things that happened.....I just want to remember the good ones that makes me smile. :)

I've learned a lot.....experienced quite a lot of new things too. I must say 2010 is a year full of challenges. Damn great challenges I tell ya! And I've surprised myself for being so calm about them. Must be the age. Aging does these things to me I suppose. hhaha! I've also noticed that I have this "I don't really care" attitude going on with me now......where I don't care much about what people think about me long as I know what I'm doing is the right thing for me.....that's all that matters. I can never get things done or be who I wanna be if I care too much or think too much about what others think of me. So, I guess I'm pulling my own strings now.....I do what makes me happy! :) Life is too short to feel sad all the time. Wasting the energy right? :)

Next year is the year of the Rabbit!!! My year!!! Yup! I was born in the year of the Rabbit 35 years ago. Gosh....something big is going to happen to me....I just know it! I hope it's a good one whatever it is. It'll be a year where I'll be going through one hell of a big change. It'll change me for sure.  Gotta be strong to face it.

Looking can I not love 2010? It's been a really wonderful year. Love you 2010....but too bad I have to say goodbye to you soon. Looking forward to meet 2011! Woooohooooo!!


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