Tuesday, November 2, 2010


It's pretty hot and sunny outside right now. What a difference from yesterday's weather. It did rained though quite a bit in the morning....but now it's hot! Which is a good sign :). Everybody here in Alor Setar is pretty worried about the flood that has already hit a few places in Kedah. We are taking the necessary actions in case we have to move to a higher ground. I've been through this experience before and yes......it sucks. Especially if the flood water gets in the house and affects all that's in it with all the dirt and disgusting things that comes with it.

I don't really feel too good today. Feel like I'm coming down with fever. My head feels so heavy and my body is feeling so weak. I think I should just stop working for a while and take a nap. I was excited about doing the design for November's giveaway today and I've already got an idea of how to do the layout. But I don't think I can finish it this afternoon.......perhaps I'll continue after I get some sleep. Tired I am.......rest, I must. :I

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