Friday, November 26, 2010

Mini Rubik's cube

How cute is that??? A mini Rubik's cube! I got it free when I purchased Nutrigen yesterday. I wanted to get Yakult but it was so expensive at's a lot cheaper though at Tesco hehehu!

I've been playing with this mini Rubik's cube today......and it's taking my crafting time hehe...can't seem to stop playing it until I solve it.....It's kinda addictive as well. IT!!!! And get back to work!! hahahaha! :D

Hey......go check it out ya at your nearest supermarket......and get yourself this cute little thing. Who knows, you might get addicted just like me! it's good to drink Nutrigen.....very good for your digestion :).

Check out this cool website about Rubik's cube!

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AbGJaS said...

Hi Lin,
So how is it Lin, successful? I got a friend who can solve rubik's cube under 30 seconds.

For me, it takes hours or maybe days! hahaha

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Abg Jas...
I'm very lousy at this game huhuhuhu.....I can't seem to get all the sides done correctly....very very difficult!!! Driving me crazy but I'm not giving up....will keep on trying hahahaha.... :D