Friday, November 19, 2010

Gloomy friday

It's looking pretty gloomy outside the house.......there might be rain coming soon to visit us this evening. 

I was listening to Lady Antebellum while squeezing creative juices out of my head and applying it on my cards as well as I can. Somehow the results that's coming out of it are not what I aspect it to's not exactly what I had in mind so to speak. What the mind visualize and what the hands can do sometimes does not go together well especially when there are certain disturbances coming to ruin my mood every now and then.

I've got another item in my wish list this year........something I thought of during the flood. God I wish I had thought of this sooner. Perhaps there is a reason why I didn't. I don't know. All I know is I want it!! I really really wish I bought it instead of the one I have right now. But what can I do. It's already done. Just have to live with the fact and be happy with what I have. God willing if my finances gets better, perhaps one day I can own one. For now.........I can only wish for it.....

Since Prince William announced his engagement to his girlfriend Kate Middleton, people are going crazy over the engagement ring......the sapphire and diamond engagement ring that once belonged to his late mother, Lady Diana. I was so surprised to hear in the news that  there has been a lot of orders for the same design of engagement ring requested from the guys who are planning to propose. Looks like somebody out there is making a lot of money from this! Ka-ching! Funny how I myself adore this type of engagement ring as well. Really! I have even had a dream about it long time ago. I remember that a sapphire and diamond ring was given to me in the dream but I was not sure who it was from. All I remember was that there were so many people around me at the time....but I don't know who they are. I don't recognize any of them. The design of the engagement ring was kinda old fashion though......definitely not what I would have in mind for my engagement ring...hehehe.... :D. I already know how I want it to be.....the design and all's already in my head. Whether or not I'll get it is another thing hahahaha...... Whatever it is, I just  find it so funny how the sapphire and diamond ring is now a trend! Who would have thought that this was going to happen.... :P

I just feel so good today.......better than I've ever felt in a long long time. Alhamdulillah. Hoping better things will keep on coming my way in days to come.... :).

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aibaks said...

salam perkenalan n folo kami cik azlina.. hehe

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Thank you for following me...nice to meet you too :)