Thursday, November 25, 2010


Can't believe it.....I actually forgot to watch "Asmara" again.....two weeks in a row! Oh nononononono!  And the funny thing is, I've only realized it today! Today is Thursday not Tuesday la Lin!!! No Asmara tonight laaaaa.......haiyaaaa......Plus, I also just found out that next week is the final episode! Oh god! I must make sure I put a reminder in my hand phone this time so that I won't forget to watch it. And I hope the ending is a good one too hehehe! first when they started showing this drama series on TV3, I didn't even bother to watch it.....told myself not to get hooked again watching Malay dramas. But after they showed a few episodes of it, one fine night I decided to watch it and I got hooked!!! The story line was quite, Fauziah Nawi was starring in it as, I knew it had to be good otherwise she won't be starring in it! Right? And sure enough I was right. It is good. Aaaannnnnnddddddd.......just like every other girl, I got hooked on Asmara too! hahaha! I mean, Shaz Jazlee hehehehe... ;) comel....kan kan kan????? :P Very very young too.....yup, wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too young..... :P Ok....enough about Asmara.....hehehehe......lets talk about Lin now.....hehehu!

What a day! I struggled to make the pop up cake card last night.....I haven't made one for quite a while and I almost ruined it at the very last minute. Thank God all went well in the end and I got it posted today. I realised that my pop up cake looks better now and it pops up better now too that I have been making it a few times. I now feel that it's no longer that difficult. It's complicated but at least now I know how to make it easier. But still, it's a lot of work. And I still prefer to just do quilling instead. Quilling is so much more fun! Especially quilling teddy bears.....speaking of which, I got a few of them to make tonight....will be sleeping late again as usual @_@....

I am so relieved to finally found a place where I can buy ink for my printer. At last  today I found a stationery shop here in Alor Setar that sells it! All this time I've been searching for it here but couldn't find it......I always had to get my supplies of ink from KL. Now no more! Yay!!! What a huge relief!

There's news about predictions of  heavy rain coming to Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan and Terengganu.....they said that it's going to rain for at least 3 days in a row starting this coming Sunday. That's the second wave it seems. I don't know if the heavy rain is going to cause another flood over here.....I certainly hope it's not as bad as they say it would be. Praying for the safety of everyone......may we all be spared from this terrible flood.....amin.

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