Monday, October 25, 2010

The Proposal

Just got back home. Went to watch the movie "The Proposal" at my aunt's house earlier hehehe.... It's so nice to have a neighbour close by who is also my just a stone throw away from where I live. I can go and hang out with her anytime I like. Cool! my review about the movie hehehe......I'm actually a bit blurry about what happened in the beginning and middle of the movie because all I can remember right now, that's stuck in my mind is the part when they kissed in the end....hahahaha......ok, ok, I might sound so gatal right now but what can I say's so sweet! LOL! Ok, if you read this and you feel like you want to "melugai" or vomit or puke.....please, by all means...... :P

Honestly..... I love this movie...a lot. A romantic comedy that really touched my heart. It tells on how we shouldn't judge a book by it's covers. Never judge a person just by their appearance or by how they act with you.  Sometimes they  hide their true self or have forgotten who they were before because of a tragedy that had happened in their life or because they went through a traumatic experience.

Family..........having a family is important. Loving them is important. Being loved by your family is important too. There's nothing better than being around your family. Especially knowing how much they love you and appreciate having you around.

I've always loved Sandra Bullock's acting. If I knew she acted in a particular film, I would surely go and watch it. She's the real deal. I love watching her act and how she brings the character to life. She may not be the most gorgeous actress around.....but she delivers, she's really honest with her feelings, her emotions shows in all the films she acted in. 

Who cannot like Betty White???? She's a darling! Loved her in the Golden Girls and in this film too! Funny as always! Makes me wish I have a grandma like her hehehe. And Ryan Reynolds??? Aaaaaaaaaahhhh....he's a dream........and I shall keep on dreaming! LOL! :D

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